Happy International Nurse Day 2020: when and how  Nurse Day started

Happy International Nurse Day 2020: when and how Nurse Day started

Happy International Nurse Day 2020: Know when and how the beginning of Nurses Day and what is the theme of this year

   Hello Friends Happy Nurse Day. “International Nurse Day” is observed every year on 12 May. Florence Nightingale’s birthday is celebrated as International Nurses Day. The purpose of this is to appreciate the work of nurses in the health sector. It is to express respect for them. The International Council of Nurses organizes this day every year.

International Nurse Day

What is the theme of International Nurses Day?

   The theme of International Nurses Day varies every year. This year is the theme of International Nurses Day of 2020, “Nursing for World Health”.  Which focuses on the right price for nurses for the world’s people

Who was Florence nightingale:

   According to the Florence Nightingale Museum, Florence was the inventor of the mathematical graph, the pie chart. She was the first woman to be elected to the Royal Statistical Society. She was the first woman to be awarded the Freedom of the City in London in 1909.


What is the importance of a day:

   Nursing is considered as the world’s largest healthy profession. The nurse should be well trained, educated, and experienced to take care of patients not only physically but also mentally and socially. Nursing is expected to be supportive and affectionate to boost patients’ morale and control their illnesses.


The poetry of International Nurses Day:


{ 1 } Neither are you sleeping at night,

 nor are you crying in your sorrows.

By renouncing personal pleasures, 

your involvement with the country is yours. 

You take care without discrimination,

 your attachment to the common public.


{ 2 } You are life’s door, you are life’s communication.

You are crossing the new world, you are God, not a nurse.


{ 3 } Your best feeling of happiness,

The selfless feeling is yours,

Take care without discrimination,

Your attachment to the public is yours.

Here's how to congratulate the nurses:

   On this special day of International Day, do not forget to congratulate all the people who are nurses to their friends. All of you can wish a wonderful image, Whatsapp stickers, Facebook messages, greetings, HD photos, wallpapers on social media, wishing nurses day.