Hair Care Tips: – Do these home remedies to keep hair healthy and shiny during the rainy season

Hair Care Tips: – Keeping your hair healthy in the rainy season is no less than a challenge. During this season, due to excess moisture in the hair, the hair becomes sticky. Therefore, to keep them healthy, do some home remedies.

By the way, everyone likes the rainy season very much. Due to the greenery and coolness all around in this season, the mind also remains happy. Due to excess moisture during the rainy season, dust and soil gets accumulated in the hair roots. Due to which the pores of the skin of the head are also closed. this season Taking care of hair more than other seasons Does matter. So let’s know how you can take care of your hair during the rainy season.

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Use good shampoo

Due to the sticky hair in the rainy season, there is a need for frequent shampooing. In such a situation, girls feel that by shampooing daily The hair did not start falling. So you choose a good shampoo and shampoo with it.. This clears the skin of your scalp and also increases blood circulation.

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This is the problem-

In fact, in humid weather, oil and moisture accumulate in the hair roots. because of this in the head Dust and soil also accumulated become. This closes the pores of the skin of the head. Therefore oxygen does not reach the hair roots and hair becomes weak and breaks Huh. That’s why regular shampooing is very important in this season. If you want, you can also use mild conditioner along with shampoo containing mild cream for dry hair. Which will keep the scalp follicles and hydrated. It will also make the hair soft and shiny. Similarly, use shampoos containing gel and natural conditioners for oily hair and if the hair fall still persists. So you can use shampoo after consulting a dermatologist.

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Must apply hair mask once-

You are close to taking care of your hair this season. Hair spa must be done once in 2 weeks Take it This will lead to intense conditioning, as well as apply a home hair mask once a week. This will give full nutrition to the hair and your hair will be strong.

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Condition the hair

During the rainy season, the hair starts getting wet very quickly. use good conditioner Do it. After shampooing, pat the hair lightly and then take a few drops of mild conditioner in your hands. good on the ends of the hair Apply thoroughly and wash your head with water after three to four minutes.

Massage with oil

Once a week to keep hair strong with coconut or olive oil Massage with light hands. This will give full nutrition to your hair and The blood circulation of the scalp will also increase. But also keep in mind that when you shampoo, both the oil and the shampoo get out well from the hair. Because dirt and pollution start collecting quickly in oily hair. Which is harmful for the hair. Coconut and olive oil are good in this season. Because it is not sticky.

Do not do hair styling

In this season, you should avoid using gel, hair spray, mousse etc. They cause a lot of damage to the hair. this Excess moisture on scalp in season accumulates. Due to this there is a possibility of early hair breakage. In such a situation, it would be better if hair styling products are not used.


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