Hackers target buyers in Flipkart’s festival sale, learn details

Cybercriminals are making people their ‘victim’ in different ways. Chinese hacking groups are leaving no stone unturned to attack Indians. A big case has surfaced and Chinese hackers are behind it. A new report has revealed that hackers from Guangdong and Henan in China have targeted India’s online shoppers during the Flipkart festive season sales.

Spin the Lucky Wheel scam targets buyers

New Delhi’s Cyberpiece Foundation reported on Friday that Flipkart had announced its ‘Big Billion Day Sale’ in October. Seeing the opportunity, Chinese hackers targeted online buyers with a scam named ‘Spin the Lucky Wheel’. The Chinese scammer created a similar scam named ‘Amazon Big Billion Day Sale’ on this occasion. Let me tell you, Amazon actually celebrates this festival under the name ‘Great Indian Festival’, in which discounts and offers are given on most of the products of Amazon.

All domain links are registered in a Chinese organization

Internet users in India were sent fake links to click and participate in contests, in which people were told that they could win an Oppo F17 Pro (matte black, 8GB RAM and 128GB storage) smartphone. The report said that those who believed they had won the phone as prizes were asked to share the link with their friends and family via WhatsApp. It is now revealed that all domain links have been found registered in China, especially in Guangdong and Henan Province, in an organization called ‘Fang Xiao Qing’. These domains were registered by hackers on Alibaba’s cloud computing platform.

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China is repeatedly doing things like hacking: Vineet Kumar

Vineet Kumar, founder and president of the Cyberspace Foundation, points out that e-commerce scams are not new, but the alarming thing is that things like hacking through cyber are being done repeatedly by China. The ‘spin the wheel’ scam is not a new phenomenon, it has been happening for the last few years. He adds, “Research suggests that there are more than 100 million online shopping people in India and the more people who come online, the more scams will be.”

According to the market research firm, Flipkart has topped online shopping. The Flipkart group has sold 66 percent of the entire festive season. Vineet Kumar further states that the information gathered through these scams can be used for cyber attacks, ‘Internet users in particular in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are more targeted. Where awareness of such scams is low. ‘

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Still have links on

The report says that these links are still active. Hackers have also used fake photos and comments to create fake accounts on social media platforms for this. The report also said that ‘Big Billion Days’ is a campaign run by Flipkart, but hackers used public interest on a large scale to make it appear that the competition was being run by Amazon.


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