Guru Amardas Jayanti (1479-1574): Guru Amardas 3rd Sikh Guru of Sikhism

Guru Amardas Jayanti (1479-1574): Guru Amardas 3rd Sikh Guru of Sikhism

Guru Amardas Jayanti (1479-1574): Guru Amardas 3rd Sikh Guru of Sikhism

   Hello friends, today is the birth anniversary of Guru Amardas Ji. Guru Amardas Ji was born on 5 May 1479 in Amritsar. Guru Amardas was the third Sikh guru in the series of slave gurus of Sikhism. Amardas has conferred the title of Guru on 26 March 1552 at the age of 73. Guru Amardas was known as one such warrior. Who advocated in favor of equal rights for women in all fields.

Guru Amardas

History of Guru Amardas:

   Guru Amardas followed the Vaishnavism tradition of Hinduism for his life before becoming a Sikh. One day he recited a hymn by Guru Nanak to his nephew’s wife, Bibi Amro. Bibi Amro was the daughter of Guru Angad, the second and present Guru of the Sikhs. Amardas persuaded Bibi Amro to introduce her father. In 1539, Guru Amardas met Guru Angad at the age of 60 and became a Sikh, dedicating himself to the Guru.


   Guru Amardas started a religious organization called Manji system by appointing trained priests. Which was a system that expanded and survived in the contemporary era? He wrote and compiled hymns in a pothi (book). Which eventually helped to become Adi Granth. Guru Amardas Ji remained the leader of Sikhs till the age of 95.


Guru Amardas Ji started the langar system:

   Guru Amardas Ji helped establish the Mandal of festivals like Maghi and Sikh rituals related to its celebration. He established centers of Sikh pilgrimage. Later, he started the practice of starting the langar ceremony. In which the devotees were given food for free. Whenever he used to visit any gurudwara, he used to organize langar there. From then on, the practice of langar became popular among the Sikhs and they followed this tradition with full religious faith.


Some people celebrate the birth anniversary of Guru Amardas Ji with pomp:

   Every year Guru Amardas Jayanti is celebrated with religious devotion. Sikhs make special preparations for this day. The birth anniversary of Guru Amardas Ji is celebrated with great pomp. Sikhs visit the gurudwara on this holy day and distribute prasad among the devotees present in the gurudwara as a mark of respect to Guru Amardas Ji. All devotees take this Prasad with devotion. On this day Guru pays respect to Govind sahib. Which is a holy book? Which has been kept in all gurdwaras? Sikhs consider it auspicious to bow down in front of the holy book.


On the birth anniversary of Guru Amardas Ji all the devotees organize the langar:

   On this day, some devotees organize langar at some places. On this day some people help the kitchen staff in preparing various dishes for the devotees. Some devotees clean the Gurdwara Parishad on this occasion. On this day, devotees contribute towards the langar service in the gurudwara. Some people donate flour, pulses, rice to the gurudwara. So somewhere people distribute sorbet or sweet water.


Bhajans and Kirtans are also organized on the birth anniversary of Guru Amardas Ji:

   Bhajan and Kirtan are organized at some time on the birth anniversary of Guru Amardas Ji. A bhajan-kirtan is organized in the city to mark the celebration. Devotees participate in it with full religious fervor. All the devotees arrange special decorations to make Guru Amardas Jayanti a blissful moment. Gurdwaras across the country celebrate this event with enthusiasm.

   Amritsar is specially decorated on the occasion of Guru Amardas Jayanti. The path leading to the devotees is cleared. The Golden Temple is the main temple related to Sikh culture in the country. Taking a bath in the bridge of the Golden Temple is considered auspicious.
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