Gulmohar not only makes the garden beautiful but also improves health

Gulmohar Health Benefits: You must have seen the Gulmohar tree and the beautiful flowers blooming on it many times in the streets and parks, but it is rarely seen that this tree is planted in the garden of someone’s house. This is because people are not aware about the benefits of Gulmohar. Let us tell you that there are two types of Gulmohar. Yellow Gulmohar and Red Gulmohar. In the summer season, these trees are filled with red and yellow flowers, which not only look beautiful, but also help in giving many health benefits. Come, let us tell you about the benefits of Gulmohar today.

Gives relief in arthritis

To get relief in rheumatism, you can grind yellow gulmohar leaves and use its paste. Along with this, you can also reduce your problem by making a decoction of the leaves and taking steam from this water. This gives relief in the pain caused by rheumatism.

Reduces the problem of leucorrhoea

Gulmohar also helps in reducing the problem of leucorrhoea in women. For this, you can grind the bark of the stem of yellow gulmohar, consume one or two grams of powder or powder of flowers.

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removes the problem of diarrhea

Gulmohar also helps in removing the problem of diarrhea. If diarrhea is occurring due to disturbances in food, then for this you can make a powder of the bark of the stem of Gulmohar and consume it up to one or two grams.

herpes orReduces snake problem

Gulmohar also plays a good role in reducing the problem of herpes or herpes. For this, you can grind yellow gulmohar leaves and flowers with milk and make a paste and use it.

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reduces swelling of wounds

You can also use Gulmohar to reduce the swelling of the wound. For this, you can make a paste by grinding yellow gulmohar leaves and apply it on the swollen area. Along with this, you can also clean your wound by making a decoction of Gulmohar leaves.

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