Grudge Review: Intekam is overshadowed by sympathy in the Turkish film “Grudge”

The film “Grudge”, written and starring Turkish actor Ilmaz Erdogan, recently hit Netflix. One thing has been proved time and again in every corner of the world that the usefulness of violence will be zero. In small matters, people may end the matter by fighting among themselves, but if you want peace forever and you want to live without burden on your mind, then you have to give preference to peace instead of quarrel. The plot of the film is not new, yet you like it because the hero of the film is in the police and his compulsions keep giving him the task of obeying orders by bowing his head like a working man. Turkey continues to make its presence felt in world cinema. The Turkish web series “Ertugul” is compared to “Game of Thrones”.

Chief Inspector Aaron (Ilmaz Erdogan) is awarded the title of “Policeman of the Year”. After the party, Aaron leaves for home in a taxi. The driver takes them to a secluded place and attacks them. In the process of saving his life, the driver gets killed by Aaron. Aaron erases his fingerprints and runs away. The next day the driver’s body is found hanging from a crane outside the police station. A case is registered and a fear sets in Aaron’s mind. One of his accomplices, Tunkay (Sem Yijit Ujumoglu) discovers his truth, but instead of bringing the evidence to the public, he hands it over to Aaron. As the investigation progresses, Aaron understands that he has become a victim of some clever man’s deep trick. While unraveling the intrigue, Aaron learns that all this game has been created by a girl who had lost her father due to some of Aaron’s case. He creates this whole game to implicate the girl and her estranged-fellow brother, Haroon. Can Aaron save himself from the charge of the murder? Watch the film to understand this.

Such films were seen in Hollywood in the 90s. A murder by mistake which is actually the result of a long planning. There is a desire in the hero’s mind to atone for any sin, but circumstances or laziness do not allow him to do so. The police always considers itself right and the hero can never make a mistake. Graj is good to watch as the acting is good and the pace of the story is also good. You can make predictions about the suspense but how that suspense will open has become a bit interesting. Memorable suspense films usually have serial murders or the investigation of who will be the killer keeps you hooked. Even if it is not so in Gruj, still you cannot sympathize with the hero in the expression coming on Ilmaz Erdogan’s face and trying to get closer to the truth in layer by layer investigation.

There are some good reasons to watch this film. There is no drama anywhere in the film. As the police officers solve the murders one by one, collect the evidence and with each step you start to feel the fear of being caught by the perpetrator, then you start feeling connected with the story. Apart from Ilmaz Erdogan, the performance of the fellow actors is also good. The last scene of the film is a flashback which is proof of the honesty of the story. In this scene, Sam Yigit has defined the possibilities of acting in a new way from his very first film. The film’s music has been composed by Ahmet Kenan, the performer of the band Gewende. The point to be heard here is that how much attention has to be given to which emotion in each scene can be understood from Ahmet’s music. Beyond the Turkish musical tradition, Ahmet has decorated every scene in the film with the help of World Music.

At the end of the film, when the hero Haroon encounters the man with whose help the whole trap was created to trap him, Haroon himself is surprised. The lesson of Mahatma Gandhi is remembered when he says that the feeling of jealousy, jealousy, revenge or vengeance must end. Blood cannot be avenged for blood and hence they want to rectify their unintentional mistake. Aaron throws down his pistol. His opponent is shocked by his unexpected action and he remembers how Aaron had taught him to be a good person as a child. The man, full of self-incrimination, shoots himself and by then the police arrests Aaron. To understand the value of this one scene, its beauty, its depth, it is necessary to watch the film. In this atmosphere of despair, we, determined to kill ourselves, watch “Grudge” to understand how we can get rid of our guilt and extinguish the fire of vengeance.

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