Grandmother of 17 grandchildren who fell in love with 15 year old child, started romancing as soon as she was young

Love has no age. This happens to anyone at any time (Amazing Love Story). The shortcomings of the person in front of love are not visible. That’s why 24-year-old Quran McCain, who lives in America, got engaged to his 61-year-old girlfriend Cheryl McGregor. There is a gap of 37 years between this couple but it is not visible at all in their romance.

The love story of this couple is also very exciting. The two first met when Koran was only 15 years old. Then Cheryl saw her for the first time. The two met at Cheryl’s son’s food court. Cheryl is the grandmother of 17 grandchildren. Cheryl used to pack food for her son in the store. Then he showed the Quran which was 15 years old. Till then the romance between the two had not started. But when Koran helped Cheryl in a Tiktok video, she had feelings for Cheryl.

video making together
Cheryl had shared her dance video, on which people were commenting very negatively. After this, the Quran helped Cheryl a lot. Both became so comfortable that they started making videos together. Meanwhile, Quran gave hints of romance towards Cheryl, which Cheryl also said yes and their relationship started.

Ignore people
Everyone comments after seeing the couple. Both made their profile on the adult site, on which both earn money through adult content. Both have now got engaged. Regarding their relationship, Cheryl told that there is a lot of love between the two. The sex life of both is amazing. Both are getting closer with each passing day. Now soon both are going to get married too.

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