Government should arrange to protect vaccine manufacturers from litigation: Adar Poonawala

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Adar Poonawala, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Serum Institute of India, the leading vaccine maker in the country, said that vaccine manufacturers should be protected from all kinds of legal claims about their vaccines, especially during an epidemic. Poonawalla said at Carnegie India’s Global Technology Conference on Friday that vaccine manufacturers are going to put this point in front of the Indian government. He also listed the challenges faced in making Kovid-19 virus vaccine.

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He said that when some frivolous claims are made and there is a clamor in the media, there is a fear that it may have happened due to the vaccine. To overcome this fear, the government should come forward and tell the right thing to the people.

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He said that “manufacturers, especially vaccine manufacturers, should get governmental armor to protect against all legal claims.” He said that in the US, the government has actually made a provision for such protection.


Serum dismissed the allegation last month that a 40-year-old man in Chennai suffered severe adverse effects in a trial of the Kovishield vaccine. The person had complained of damage to the nervous system and memory power due to the vaccine effect. He sought compensation of five crore rupees from the company.

Provided vaccine related information to PM Modi: Adar Poonawala

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