Google Earth Discovery: On Google Earth, a man found a witch in a deserted place, the senses of the onlookers were blown away

You must have heard the stories of ghosts and ghosts. You may have also seen many films made on them, but whether it happens in reality or not, it is up to the belief to believe.
Let us tell you that recently a Tiktok user has shared a video. Which is actually a video created with a screen recorder while using the computer program Google Earth.

Someone was standing there in a deserted area
According to the information, in this video of user it can be seen that the user is zooming in the deserted area of ​​the forest. While doing this, a T-Point is seen. After which the user pans the camera and one can get scared seeing what is seen next. When the user zooms, something black appears in front. Which looks like a woman wearing black clothes.

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the onlookers were scared

People watching this video are commenting that she is probably a witch or a Pennywise clown. Many people called the video scary, while many people also said that he is just some ordinary person standing in the way.


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