Google Doodle: Google created another doodle for COVID-19 Prevention,

Google Doodle: Google created another doodle for COVID-19 Prevention,

Google Doodle: Google created another doodle for COVID-19 Prevention, know what is unique in this Doodle

Hello friends, Google has today dedicated its doodles specifically for the prevention of COVID-19. Google has advised us to wear masks and do social distancing maintenance in today’s doodle. This Google doodle, created at the initiative of the Government of India Ministry of Health and Family Wellcare, showcases the measures to be taken to prevent coronavirus.


Every alphabet of the Doodle was covered with a mask: COVID-19 Prevention

Googled Doodle has demonstrated methods of prevention of Covid-19, such as the use of masks, keeping distance, etc. On August 5, Google’s animated homepage featured five characters from Google practicing effective methods to prevent Covid-19 infection, including wearing masks and maintaining a safe physical distance. Every alphabet of Google Doodle is covered with a mask.


Know what message was given in Google Doodle:

This Google Doodle created by the Ministry of Health and Google has given the message, “Wear a mask, save lives.” Along with this message, it has also been said to wear a cloth covering the face, wash your hands, and maintain a safe distance. And a button of more information has been given. By clicking on it, you can go to the Health Ministry website and get more info to prevent this virus.


To prevent the spread of Covid-19, try these methods:


Wash hands frequently, use hand rub with soap and water or alcohol to wash hands. If someone is sneezing, keep a proper distance. If it is not possible to create physical distance, then apply the mask. Do not frequently touch the eyes, nose, or mouth. Cover the nose and mouth with the elbow or tissue paper when coughing or sneezing.


If you are not feeling well, stay home. If you have a fever and have trouble breathing, go to the doctor. Contact the healthcare provider in advance so that they can tell you where to go for treatment. The use of these methods can be avoided, and viruses and other infections can be prevented.


Globally, the number of confirmed cases has crossed 18.4 million until August 5 and continues to climb at around 2.5 lakh cases daily. It is the second Doodle that highlights Covid-19 prevention methods. In March, the Doodle was used to convey the most effective hand washing technique. Also, a pioneer in disease control doctor Ignaz Semmelweis.