Google and Apple are going to team up to make a contact tracking system:

Google and Apple are going to team up to make a contact tracking system:

Google and Apple are going to team up to make a contact tracking system:

Google and Apple

Hello visitors, Google and Apple announced last week they are going to team up to make a tracking system that can help people to alert them if there is any person positive to Corona near them. Google and Apple seem to launch new software in May to all Android and iOS devices which allows Bluetooth signal tracking a Corona positive person near the device.

The device may provide public health benefits but it may also cause significant risks to privacy, civil rights.  If the device is widely used, free and the testing is fast then it could be used by many people if they trust it. So the device must contain better privacy protection tools that ensure the user that its data will be e private and not going to leak.

What is contact tracing?

One of the best tools to stop or slow the spread of the Coronavirus is contact racing you must have heard. Content racing helps to prevent the spread of viruses by finding people at higher risk than others due to potential exposure and notifying you.


Contact tracing has been followed in some form or another as long as the medical establishment has known the nature of the disease. When a person is found infected with the disease he or she asks whom they are in contact with and where the places they visited. This method is carried out because the person in contact with an infected person may be also show infected with the virus. This method is very much useful to find an infected person.


Google and Apple developing the system:

Google and Apple work in two stages. In the first stage they will release the application programming interfaces tools next month so that the apps created maybe work on both iPhones and Android operating systems. Then in the second stage over the coming next months the companies would build tracing system directly in their IOS and Android systems


Many other countries are already using the versions of Coronavirus tracking apps like China, Singapore, Israel and elsewhere and the efforts are going on in the US and Europe to make the app privacy protected and should be used for wide-spread testing.

How does the contact tracking system work?

The tracking system will connect nearby devices via Bluetooth. For example if you had your coffee with the Corona positive person two days ago then you will be notified as “you may have recently been exposed” and the system advises you for temporary isolation.


  The companies said in their statement that, “Secrecy, transparency, are the numerous influential in this application and they are looking ahead to developing this functionality in discussion with engaged stakeholders”. 


  The two groups said in a rare collective statement that, “The companies hope to discover the potential of technology to help nations around the world to slow down the extent of COVID-19 and stimulate the recovery of common being.”.