Good News! Now there will be no detours for these works of driving license, such work will be done

Many services related to driving license digital, new notification issued. (symbolic picture)

New Delhi:

Driving license and many related services have been made contactless i.e. now you will not have to go to RTO office to get this work done. Now you can take advantage of many features related to it online. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued a new notification on Thursday, stating that it has digitized many RTO services, so that the entire process can be hassle-free for the people and the efficiency of the RTO office will also increase.

In these online services, there are many services including driving license renewal to certificate of registration, which have been digitized. The ministry gave this information in a tweet and said that anyone can avail these facilities online after getting Aadhaar authentication ie Aadhaar authenticated.

The ministry has said that to avail these services online, you will have to link your driving license and certificate of registration with your Aadhaar.

Which services will be online?

These services include Learning Driving License, Renewal of Driving License (Requires Driving Test), Duplicate Driving License, Change of Address in Driving License and RC of Vehicles, International Driving Permit, Surrender of Vehicle Class from License, Temporary Vehicle Registration. Includes application services for registration of motor vehicle with fully built body.

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Apart from this, if you look at the list of notifications, there are some other services, which have been digitized. Such as- Application for issue of duplicate certificate of RC, Application for grant of NOC for RC, Intimation of transfer of ownership of motor vehicle, Application for transfer of ownership of motor vehicle, Notice of change of address in RC, Recognition Application for registration for driver training received from Driver Training Centre, Application for registration of diplomatic officer’s motor vehicle, Application for assignment of new registration mark of diplomatic officer’s motor vehicle, Recommendation of hire-purchase agreement and hire-purchase Services like termination of agreement etc. are now online.


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