Good news for PUBG fans; The new shooter game ‘Sci-Fi’ is coming, it is being called PUBG2!

PUBG is making a new game, which is being called PUBG2.

The craft company, which is making PUBG mobile games, is also working on another mobile game, which is being called PUBG2 in many reports.

Krafton company has created PUBG mobile game, which is now working on other mobile games as well. PUBG mobile game is one of the most liked mobile games in the world. The KRAFTON company is now preparing to launch the new shooter game SCI-FI, which is a shooter game instead of a Battle Royal. Along with this, the company is also working on PUBG: New State which will increase the Battle Royal Experience among gamers.

Crafton’s new sci-fi shooter game is currently in its first process of production. It may have to wait for 2 to 3 years for its launch. According to a media report, the company is also working on PUBG Mobile 2 and this could be the new vertical project of the company. However, in some reports, this game is being called PUBG2.

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Talking about PUBG-NEW State, the pre-booking of this game has been started for Android, after which 10 million pre-registrations for this game have come on the Google Play Store. The company has not given any official statement regarding the launch of this game. But it is believed that this game can be launched at the end of this year. However, the company definitely said that this game will be tested in some regions in the second quarter of 2021.

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PUBG: New State is based on 2051, in which great features will be seen. In this new game, players can expand the map and can also leave the map in it. PUBG: New State will come with new graphics that will give gamers a real fight experience on mobile. In this game, gamers will get features such as Next Generation Survival and Gun Use which will make the fighting gaming experience different.


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