Good news for Apple smartphone users, now you can easily transfer photos and videos, learn details

Apple smartphone users will now be able to easily transfer photos and videos stored in iCloud to Google Photos. Apple users are always complaining that they are not able to easily transfer pictures and videos from their phones. But now the company has come up with a special feature for users, which allows to easily copy photos and videos saved in iCloud and transfer them to Google Photos.

According to technology website The Verge, this new service allows users to easily transfer images and videos stored in their Apple smartphone’s iCloud to Google Photos. Actually, this feature has a supporting outlining procedure that only transfers a copy of its data by logging on to

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According to media reports, Apple stated that the process of transfer can take from 3 days to about a week to complete. However, some things will not be able to be transferred. The company said that shared albums, smart albums, photo stream content, live photos, certain metadata and media that are not stored in the iCloud photo library will not be able to be transferred.

Lack of transfer of live photos can make people feel exasperated because, iPhones by default takes live photos and Apple has not said anything clearly this time that the entire picture will not be included in the process or the photo Video clip made around. Well, it is expected that this new feature of Apple will undoubtedly like the users.


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