Good friday: All about good friday and Maudy thursday

Good friday: All about good friday and Maudy thursday

Good Friday: when good friday is celebrated

 Hello readers, this year April 10 will be celebrated as Good Friday. People believe that the Christian Messiah was hanged on the cross on this day. Good Friday is also called as Holy Friday or Black Friday. Good Friday is celebrated during Holy Week. Maundy Thursday is celebrated 1 day before Good Friday. National holiday happens on Good Friday. Because of being obstinate on this day, people think that this day is a happy occasion for Christianity. But on this day Jesus Christ, who gave the message of wisdom, love and non-violence, was hanged on the cross.

Good friday

    Jesus Christ gave the message of truth and non-violence in the world. About 2000 years ago, in the Galilee province of Jerusalem, Isha was teaching the people of humanity unity and non-violence. Impressed by his teachings, the people there started believing him to be God. Because of this, religious, superstitious religious leaders were jealous of Jesus because people who used to go to the religious leaders with their problems. Now they started going to Christ. Whose religious leaders started calling him the greatest enemy of humanity.

Jesus was crucified:

    The religious leaders, seeing the increasing popularity of Isha among the people, complained about Isha to the ruler of Rome Pilate, who told them that he is calling himself the god son of here, after being received treason with contempt of religion on Isha. After this, the decree was issued to give direction to direction. After wearing the crown of thorns, after hitting the nail in their hands and feet, 19 Hung on cross. According to belief, the place where Isha was crucified was named Golgotha.


6 hours after death, the state was dark for a few hours:


   People believe that when Jesus Christ was sentenced to death, in his last breath, he said to God the Father, “Father, I think my soul should be good to you.” After that, he gave up his body. Jesus was hanged on the cross for 6 hours. Then at that time the whole kingdom was darkened for 3 hours and a strong fire came and all the windows of the holy temple were opened and the holy temple The fabric was torn from top to bottom.


   In Christianity, Good Friday is also celebrated as mourning day. You may be wondering how the day Jesus Christ was crucified can be good but in Christianity it is believed that Jesus this day is called Good and this day is called Friday and this day is called Good Friday.

People speak different names of Good Friday:

   Some Christians call this day Good Friday. But on this day some people call this day Holi Friday or great Friday. Some people call this day as Qurbani Day because of the sacrifice made by Yusuf for the betterment of the people. On this day, people of the Christian community go to church dressed in black and ask God Yusuf for forgiveness of their sins. Bells are not made in the church on Good Friday.

What is Maundy Thursday:

   Maundy Thursday is considered very special in Christianity. On this day the Lord Jesus Christ washed the feet of all his disciples and asked them to love one another as they used to do to them. Following the same words of Lord Jesus, this day is celebrated 1 day before Good Friday. And now the religious leaders do this work of washing the feet of the 12 members of the church. It is not considered to be a happy time because the next day is Good Friday.

According to beliefs in Christianity, Maundy Thursday, Friday and Saturday are full of fasting and prayer. The Easter vigil occurs on Saturday nights. When the people of the community gather in the church to celebrate the resurrection by Lord Yusuf. East’s Sunday is celebrated on Sundays. In this whole week, only Sunday is considered holy. No day is happy except Sunday.

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