Global Day of Parents 2021: Celebrate ‘Global Day of Parents’ in honor of parents, know the theme and its importance

Global Day of Parents 2021: Today, June 1 is being celebrated as ‘Global Parents Day’ i.e. ‘Global Day of Parents’. The UN General Assembly officially announced the celebration of ‘Global Parents Day’ in the year 2012. Global Parents Day is celebrated to show respect to parents and to say thank you for the sacrifices they have made for us. This day is very special in the sense that this day is an occasion for them to give importance to their relationship and parents and celebrate this special day with them. This is the reason that on this day people all over the world, understanding the importance of love and sacrifice of their parents, congratulate them on this day. In such a situation, this day is such an opportunity for children when they make them feel special for the selfless work done by their parents and tell their importance in their life.

That’s why the special significance of this day is
By the way, every day is special to honor parents and tell their importance in life and it has been said that parents have been given to us by God as priceless gifts. Those who gave us life and sacrificed so many for us, raised the problems. In such a situation, this day is to thank our parents and tell their importance in life. We get a good family atmosphere in the family only because of our parents. It is the parents who take the initiative to improve the future of their children and teach them good qualities. In such a situation, take better care of them.

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theme of global parents day
Be it the changing lifestyle of today or this difficult time of Corona epidemic, the importance of parents and family has been exposed once again. By getting along with our parents, we feel safe and the support of our loved ones helps us to overcome loneliness, difficulties etc. Every time a theme is kept to celebrate this day. This year’s theme is ‘All across the world appreciate your parents.’ This theme encourages to appreciate the sacrifices of our parents for us, the work they do for our betterment. The place and respect that our parents have in our lives, we can express it through a few words, feelings and actions on this day.

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