Global Coronavirus: Corona case crosses 14.18 crore in the world; 30.2 lakh people die from virus

Digital Desk, New York. The corona virus epidemic in the world has caught millions of people. So far, more than 14 crore people of the world have come in the grip of this infection. While 30 lakh 35 thousand 300 people have lost their lives so far. However, the number of people returning home from this epidemic is 12 crore 6 lakh 65 thousand 826.

John Hopkins University reported 14 million 11 lakh 13 thousand 721 infected people till Monday morning, while by the evening, according to the Worldometer, the figure reached 14 crore 21 lakh 16 thousand 687. The highest victim of the epidemic is the United States, where more than 3.24 million have been infected so far and more than 5.81 lakh people have died.

The condition is still bad here in the states of New York, Wisconsin, Atlanta etc. Many hospitals in New York have oxygen problems while coffins are not being provided for the cremation of dead bodies. The situation in Brazil is also out of control. There is no space left for the burial of new dead bodies in the cemeteries here. So far, over 3.73 lakh people have died in the country while the number of infected is more than 13.9 million.

According to CSSE data, other countries with more than two million coronavirus infections are Brazil (13,973,695), France (5,357,229), Russia (4,657,509), UK (4,406,023), Turkey (4,323,596), Italy (3,878,994), Spain (3,428,354) , Germany (3,428,354), Germany. 3,161,645), Argentina (2,714,475), Poland (2,695,327), Colombia (2,667,136), Mexico (2,306,910) and Iran (2,261,435). Brazil ranks second in terms of deaths with 37,4,682 deaths.


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