Girls like to go on a date with such a man, this thing came out in the study

Women prefer mumble men: There is good news for men who speak very little or do not speak clearly because this habit can put you on the girls line for dating. According to a study, girls will always be ready to go on a date with you if you are stingy in speaking like Hollywood actor Tom Hardy. It has been found in the study that girls see more masculine and macho man image in men with mumbling or fuzzy voice.

daily Mail According to the news published in this, girls do not like men who talk too much. It has been said in the study that women are sexually attracted to such men if men talk in a suppressed language or do not speak clearly or talk bubblingly. However, in the case of women, it is quite the opposite. According to the study, men see sexual attraction in such women, which is very clear in the woman’s speech and her pronunciation is also correct.

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Men like women with clear and strong voices
In this study conducted in California, it was found that girls are more attracted to men who do not speak clearly, do not murmur or do not speak very fluently. In this case, Hollywood legends Tom Hardy and Marlon Brando were well-liked by the girls. Men, on the other hand, prefer women with a clear and stern accent, such as the strong voice of Elizabeth Hurley. Men showed more femininity in Hurley’s voice, so men liked such women more. The study also claimed that women give more powerful and louder voices than men.

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Men with an above average masculine image more attractive
The author of the research, Dr. Daniels of the University of California, said that as far as sexual selection is concerned, men with a more masculine image than average are generally preferred. In this context, if a man does not speak in a clear voice, then it is a sign of more masculinity. Hollywood legend Marlon Brando had a similar voice. He never spoke clearly. His name was given by the people as Mumble. The study also found that a man who has a long face and big eyes is more attractive from the point of view of sexuality. On the other hand, such a woman whose face is thin and eyes are small, she feels more sex appeal in the eyes of men.

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