‘Ghost’, shown on the road at midnight in Jodhpur, people running to see the opposite foot, see video

You will be surprised to know the truth of the viral video of the man walking in Jodhpur.

Jodhpur Viral Video News: At 2 o’clock in the night in Jodhpur, when a person was seen walking on the road with opposite legs, people understood that there is a ghost. But in the investigation of News 18, that person turned out to be a hathayogi.

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  • Last Updated:February 6, 2021, 2:35 PM IST

Jodhpur A unique case was seen in Sursagar area, where at 2 o’clock in the night, a person was seen walking in reverse with white veneer. People started running after seeing him. In the dark night, people were tied to their gag after seeing them running like a ghost. There was some event in Sursagar, due to which many people gathered. As soon as some people caught sight of this shadow, they ran around. But when the reality was revealed, everyone was shocked. The video of this shadow is now becoming increasingly viral on social media.

After listening to a ghost-like thing in Sursagar area, when News18 investigated it, it was found that there is no ghost running upside down, but a hathayogi. In conversation, this Hathayogi said that he performs yogic actions, for which he walks 5 km in reverse every night. Hathayogi said that he keeps chanting the name of God while walking.

Actually, the name of this hatha yoga is Lakshmi Narayan series and he is a farmer by profession. He also performs yoga actions. Out of these at two o’clock in the night and that too, he calls it Hatha Yoga. He told News18 that he has been doing this activity for three years, can also understand it as if someone has a habit of sleeping. In the same way, I leave at night and walk 5 km in reverse, that too at a high speed. During this period, Lakshmana continues to worship God. When News18 spoke to Laxman, he told that he used to walk upside-down towards the bypass road in Jodhpur. Stating the reason for walking at night, he said that during the day there is busyness due to work, so he leaves at night. However, as the mystery of the ghost which had remained in the local people for the last 3 years was exposed, a wave of happiness ran in the area.


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