From Smriti Irani’s selfie to Sunny Leone’s viral video … Read Entertainment’s Top-5 News

Smriti Irani’s selfie made headlines, saying – ‘Don’t look at looks, put on masks and seat belts …’

BJP’s fiery minister Smriti Irani recently shared some of her selfies on social media. Through these pictures, she is teaching the public how to wear masks and wear seat belts. The style of the minister’s way of telling his words has been pleasing to the people.

New Delhi. Union Minister Smriti Irani remains very active on social media despite all the engagements. He is counted among the fiercest eyes of the BJP, which is famous for its tremendous speeches in Parliament. She is also seen on social media (Instagram) in her familiar style. Recently, she has shared some of her photos on social media, through which she is giving an effective message to the people of the country. (Read full news)

You may or may not like actress Sunny Leone, but she is a successful woman today. His story is quite inspiring in itself. She came to India from Canada, then dominated Bollywood with ‘Bigg Boss’. Sunny Leone is one of the few people who managed to establish herself in mainstream cinema from the adult industry. During this time, she developed her own makeup line and adopted a baby girl. She is running her business in India and America. (Read full news)

Today, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, a special film has been announced. The name is ‘Tarini’. This film is the story of those six Navy officers of the Navy who had traveled the world by sea. Today, due to their courage, the names of these 6 women have been recorded in history. The film is being made on the Indian Navy’s brave women officer Pratibha Jamwal, Vartika Joshi, P. Swati, S. Vijaya, Aishwarya and Payal Gupta. (Read full news)

On the special occasion of International Women’s Day, all the Bollywood celebs are sharing their pictures and saluting the women power. Actor Varun Dhawan has also shared some photos of women who have importance in their lives on this special occasion. He is seen in these photos along with his wife Natasha Dalal, mother Karuna Dhawan and sister. (Read full news)Today, the International Women’s Day was a buzz on social media all day. International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 March. Many Bollywood celebrities are also constantly posting on social media. In this episode, Disha Patani has shared a powerful video and congratulated Women’s Day. This video of Disha is surprising the fans. (Read full news)


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