From one-handed mode to better notifications, Android 12 comes with great features

Google has released developer preview of its new mobile operating system Android 12. It is currently available only for select devices. However, through this, it has been decided that what new features are coming in your smartphones through Android 12. It includes one-handed mode to better notifications. So let’s know about some popular features (android 12 features):

One-handed mode (one-handed mode)
This is going to be a great feature for those who use big screen smartphones. Through this feature, the content visible on the screen will come in a small size. This will make it easier to hold the phone with one hand. It will be very much like iOS’s reachability feature.

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New Settings Page (New Settings Page)
With the new update, the settings panel of Android phone has been given a new look. It will have a smaller search bar than before. In the new design of the settings it will be easy to find whether a quick setting toggle is on or off.

Improved notifications (better looking notifications)
Google is changing the design of the notifications coming on the phone. They will look better than before and will get new icons. Apart from this, notifications will also open faster. That is, if a notification will come on the phone and you click on it, then the app connected to it will open quickly.

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Picture-in-picture resizing
Resizing picture-in-picture (PIP) will now be much easier. Explain that through the PIP feature, you can watch videos while doing any other work. Previously you could move it from one corner to another, you can also change the size of this frame with the new feature.

More security (will get better security)
On Android 12, you will get better security and protection against malware. Apart from this, SOS will be able to activate sooner. You will be able to dial 911 by simply tapping the power button.


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