For money, Belgian youth got the vaccine not 2 times but 8 times | For money, a young man got the vaccine not 2 times but 8 times, was arrested in the 9th time – Bhaskar

Digital Desk, New Delhi. A surprising case has come to light from Belgium, where a young man got his vaccination done 8 times. This young man was arrested when he had reached the vaccination center for the 9th time. Due to continuous vaccination, the health workers recognized him when he came for the 9th time and informed the police. But, everyone was surprised when this young man did not have any side effects even after getting 8 vaccinations done.

This astonishing case is of Charleroi, a city with a population of 2 lakhs in Walloon province, where a young man has got himself vaccinated 8 times to get a certificate of vaccination for other people by taking money. According to the report of Belgian media Lavenier, the accused used to contact people who wanted vaccination certificates without getting the vaccine. Taking a hefty amount from such people, the accused himself used to go to get the vaccine in his place. This young man has been caught in the crime of getting the vaccine in exchange for others by taking money. Belgian police have not disclosed the names of the accused and those who paid the accused to get the vaccine.

Strictness will increase from 26 December

In view of the danger of Omicron, a lot of efforts are being made to prevent corona infection in Belgium. Indoor markets, cinemas, theaters and concert halls will be closed from 26 December. Sports events will continue. However, the presence of spectators will be restricted. Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Cru says that schools will be reopened from January 10, 2022, if the coronavirus is brought under control due to strict restrictions.

condition of corona

So far 20 lakh 17 thousand patients of corona have been reported in Belgium. Of these, 15 lakh 53 thousand have been recovered. There are 4 lakh 35 thousand active cases. About 27 patients have died and the condition of 743 is critical.


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