Flood warnings issued in parts of Australia | Flood warning issued in some parts, about 30 mm of rain fell in Sydney within an hour – Bhaskar

Digital Desk, Sydney. Flood warnings were issued for parts of New South Wales (NSW), Queensland and Victoria on Friday, following torrential downpours and thunderstorms off Australia’s east coast. On Thursday night, Sydney received nearly 30 mm of rain within an hour while the NSW capital city was hit by a storm, Xinhua news agency reported. The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) had expected further deterioration in the region during the weekend. The worst-affected areas in NSW are some 300 km north of Sydney, with floods inundating homes in the rural town of Casillis.

A settlement in the north of the state has become completely isolated since Thursday evening after the Namoi river reached a height of over 7 metres. Volunteer workers from the NSW State Emergency Service (SES) have already rescued people from the roofs of their cars after trying to cross floodwaters, expanding their area of ​​operation in an effort to reduce the risk of flooding has done. The deluge is on top of record-breaking rains, which have more than tripled normal monthly rainfall in parts of NSW and destroyed crops as rivers breach their banks and flood pastures.

Meanwhile, Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, had the hottest day in 40 years on Thursday, with 140 mm of rain lashing the city’s streets. BoM meteorologist Helen Reid told national broadcaster ABC, “Rain in Queensland is going to raise the river, raise the river’s height and exacerbate the flood situation.” The BoM also expects heavy rain and storms to continue throughout the weekend in eastern Victoria.

Nationally it has been one of the top 10 wettest Novembers ever and conditions are expected to continue for months with the BoM announcing that the La Nia event has established itself in the tropical Pacific. . Australia’s last major La Nia events occurred between the summers of 2010 and 2012 (December to February) and have led to some of the hottest days ever recorded.



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