Find your lost Android smartphone in this way, you will be able to delete personal data right from your home by these simple tips.

How To Find Lost Phone: In today’s time, it is very common for mobile phones to be lost. Traveling from the market to office or daily, even many times people forget to keep a mobile phone somewhere in their home. While the loss of mobile is a matter of problem, personal data (pictures, contact numbers, videos, documents) etc. saved in the phone become a big concern.

There is no doubt that at present there are the largest number of Android smartphone consumers in the country. According to a data report by Statista, about 76 crore people in India are Android smartphone users. If you also use Android phone and your phone is lost, then you can easily find your phone online sitting at home. However, there are some necessary conditions for this.

These services should be on the phone:

To find a smartphone online, some services need to be turned on. Both Find My Device and Location Access must be enabled (on) in your phone. Your phone must be logged in with Google account (Gmail). In addition, the phone must be connected to the Internet (mobile data / Wi-Fi). It is also necessary for the phone to be visible in Google Play. If all these settings are turned on in your smartphone, then you can easily lock your phone. For this, you have to follow the steps given below.

You have to follow these easy steps:

1) – You can use a laptop or computer ( Go to the page. Log in here with your same Google account that you have used on your smartphone. If you use many different Google accounts, then choose the same one from which you are logged into the phone.

2)- A notification message will go to your smartphone as soon as the Find My Device page opens.

3) – If you feel that the notification message has not been sent to the phone, then click on the Refresh button next to the device on the page.

4) – After this, the notification will once again go to your phone, and you will be able to see the correct location map of your phone. If the phone is switched off then its last location will be shown here.

5)- On this page you also get some more important options, such as Play Sound, Secure Device and Erase Data. If you click on play sound then your phone’s ringtone will ring in full volume, even if your phone is in silent or Vibrate mode. This ring tone will continuously play for 5 minutes.

6) – If you click on a secure device, you can lock the screen with a PIN code or password while sitting at home on your smartphone. Not only this, if you have not previously secured your phone with a password or pincode, then you can also do it online.

7) – Apart from this, if you want, you can also attach any other mobile number to your device. So that if someone finds your phone, then they can contact you directly through that number.

8)- If you click on Erase Device, then you will be able to delete all the personal data saved in your phone in one click. One thing to note here is that if you click on Erase Device, the Find My Device function will also be deleted, so use it carefully.


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