FILM REVIEW: ‘Tuesdays and Fridays’ … good cinema of the day of the week

Film: Tuesday and Friday
Duration: 105 minutes
OTT: Netflix India

Mumbai. New conditions often come up to build relationships between Millennials living in metros. Sometimes these relationships are of one night, sometimes these relationships do not last long, it is impossible to keep any name of many relationships. Actually, the matter is that a relationship is no longer a goal in front of the younger generation. He is more important than his freedom, his career, his thoughts, his lifestyle. In spite of all this, the relationship arising out of love and love only shows its importance, and despite all the conditions, you are forced to read two and a half times of love. The recently released film ‘Tuesdaydays and Fridays’ on Netflix (the film is in Hindi or Hinglish). Currently there is a new attempt to understand the changing ways of relationships. This film, from the meeting of two budding actors, Miss India 2014 runner up Jhatalekha Malhotra (Sia) and Poonam Dhillon’s son Anmol Thakeria Dhillon (Varun), to their love. And built on ways to show love. While Siya’s parents are divorced and her mother (Nikki Walia) is about to get married again, Varun’s father left his family as a child.

There is a lot of ambition among the children coming from such a family, but their feelings towards relationships are not developed. In such a situation, the two meet, spend time together but are not interested in taking the relationship on a solid basis, taking it towards marriage. In a week, only Tuesdays and Fridays are decided to date and then after a while, both of them do not enjoy living without each other, then this two-day ban hinders their relationship into a full-time relationship. With the help of many side tracks and sub plots, both of them are able to solve their psychic problems and reach the relationship, the basis of the film is the same.

The film has been shot in a small amount of Hindustan and a lot of London. London scenes are short, but with the help of beautiful sets and few shots, the audience looks good. Evan Maligan, who has done many short films, music videos and cinematography of films, has kept every scene of the film fresh. Since the generation does not enjoy much in grieving today, the colors of the film and the cinematography of the film are of the youth’s preference. Production designer is Mandar Nagaonkar, who designed the production of the Emmy Award winning web series ‘Delhi Crime’.

His experience and creativity are seen in every frame of the film. The art direction of Timmy Aires can be seen very well on different sets of the film. At any given time, there is not a single frame that looks old. To see the freshness of relationships, it is also important to have fresh art. The most important thing in the film is the editing of the film which was in the hands of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s trusted Rajesh Pandey. Before this, Rajesh has done big projects like Bajirao Mastani, Sarabjit, Lakshmi, and Padmavat. The speed at which the film moves, it is difficult to divert the gaze of the viewer from the screen. It would be a pleasant experience to see Rajesh working in thriller or mystery films.

Born in Gwalior, Taranvir Singh has been working in the world of Hindi films for many years. Sometimes he becomes assistant to the director, sometimes he writes the story of the film. Taranveer, who came out of Subhash Ghai’s film school, has worked with Ayan Mukherjee. The story of the film is also written by Taranvir, so his direction is absolutely correct. In the film scenes, there is novelty in the screenplay. Dialogues are also very young and fun. But there was no possibility of making a full film in the original story. We have seen many films on this type of story before, and this is the weak link of the film.

Actress Jhatalekha has done a good job. However, how far his career will go, it is difficult to say because many habits of Sia’s character are similar to Jhatalekha, it seems clear. Jathalekha is not ready yet for a completely different type of role. Anmol is the son of the film’s hero, Poonam Dhillon and producer Ashok Thakeria. He is very stylish young man in appearance, along with his saddle, the voice is also good. Anmol has seen his mother and father quarreling with each other in a personal life, so in a scene, the conflict within them comes out. Anmol may work as a typical Hindi film hero, so he might miss somewhere. They have to find films like Abhay Deol, Raj Kumar Rao or Ayushyaman Khurana. Perhaps his father will be able to do so much help in his career. Priceless will run long, it seems so. Other minor roles include Nikki Walia, Parmeet Sethi, Praveen Dabas, Kamini Khanna and Nayan Shukla. Looking at his small role, it seems that Zoya Morani should get more films.

The music is a complete flop. The compositions of Tony Kakkar and the songs of Punjabi flavor sung by Neha Kakkar, Hindi-English-Punjabi language songs have no power to leave an impact in anyone. Here both the producer and the director were killed. The surprise is also that the film’s co-producers are Bhushan Kumar and Sanjay Leela Bhansali of the T-series. The film is fresh. It is also good to see. Pornography was not required and the film is not there either. The film may seem boring to many people, but its target audience, the younger generation who see OTT, especially girls, will definitely like the film.

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