FILM REVIEW: There is one thing in the ‘strange story’, which would not have been fine if it was not

Film: Strange Tales
Duration: 142 minutes
OTT: Netflix

In month-e-February, 19-year-old Dananir Mubeen of Islamabad, Pakistan threw a short video into the world of Internet. It was fun – this is our car. And this is us. And this is our power Hori. The entire generation, which has gone from self-respect to self-obsession, went to Daurai. The new ideology of Dharmatic Entertainment (the company producing OTT content of Dharma Productions) is a model of this ideology. “Ajeeb Daastaans” Which has been released on Netflix. After watching it came to mind that these are our Dharma productions, they are our directors and this is our Pavari Hori. Karan Johar is self-obsessed. Karan Johar believes in selfishness. Karan Johar is also self-dependent. That is why he directs and gets films directed as well. “Ajeeb Daastan” is directed by 4 in-house directors, including Shashank Khaitan (Humpty Sharma’s Dulhania, Badrinath’s Dulhania), Raj Mehta (Good News), Neeraj Ghewan (Masan) and Boman Irani’s son Kayozhe Irani Is included. Sex is at the center of almost every story, or else it is coming out of the egg. Somewhere there is a homosexual relationship, somewhere there is an illegal relationship, somewhere there is a stigma and somewhere there is an extramarital affair. Except Neeraj Ghewan’s wet pucci, without the sex that has been added to every story, there could have been more poignancy in the story. Probably the general audience goes to the OTT platform only for apps of sexual frustration and peace and hence it was necessary to keep it in these stories. After story collections such as Lust Stories, Ghost Stories, this is another compilation that falls short of expectations while there is no shortage of possibilities.

Shashank Khaitan’s “Majnu” is the first story and is written by Shashank himself. The lead actors are Jaideep Ahlawat, Fatima Sana Sheikh and Armaan Ralhan. Jaideep’s face is rough like a silbatta like Om Puri, but the acting is like a muslin in a frame. Fatima Sana Sheikh is getting better with every film. He has also performed very well in this film. Armaan Ralhan, grandson of filmmaker OP Ralhan, is the third angle of the story. A gay husband, a disgruntled wife, a son avenging the father’s dishonor, on which both the husband and wife put their cuffs. Everything got mixed up like the Tehri of Uttar Pradesh. Because of this, not even one end handles the story firmly. Neither Frosted Fatima, nor Jalkukada Jaideep nor Almost Stylish Armaan. There is a song, which comes on the spot, sounds good. There was no need for a sex scene between Fatima and Armaan in the film and the story would have gone well without making Jaideep gay. But, it is getting powery.

The next film is Raj Mehta’s “Toy”. The casting is great. Abhishek Banerjee (who himself is the casting director), his girlfriend and housemaid Nusrat Bharucha, ironing in a colony, Manish Verma as Villan and the biggest character of the story – 9-year-old Inayat Verma. Raj Mehta’s first film was Good News, which was a funny story. This film is very different. The last shot is scary, dreaded and gruesome. In this film, between the love story of Abhishek and Nusrat, the sex scene was much better than Abhishek’s ointment on Nusrat’s peeled back and both of them blowing the same bidi. Manish Verma’s character was strong and his lust has been shown in a very balanced way. However, even if both these parts were removed from the story, the story would have been good. Well, this story, writer Sumit Saxena started thinking in 1994 based on a true incident.

The third film is Neeraj Ghewan’s “Wet Puchchi” which is possibly the best. The reason is Neeraj himself. Neeraj himself is very well aware of the atrocities being committed by Dalits in the name of caste. In his film Masaan, the cast of characters also plays a major role among themselves. Even in wet pucci, an egg-barfi style cake is made for the upper caste and the lower caste people get to cut and eat the remaining cake of the Sahab people. While the upper caste stops her low-caste friend outside the cabin in the office cake-cutting ceremony, she gets tea in the steel cup at home, she does not misunderstand it, while the lower caste, along with her ability, a little bastardy Demonstratingly, the job of the upper caste is swallowed up. There are small scenes, no redundant dialogues, no result statement, nor any lectures given in the name of caste. Aditi Rao Hydari has done a very good job. His beauty seems to be a hindrance in his career. Konkona Sen Sharma is amazing there. The life of the lesbian characters, their wear, their fighting and their loneliness have been filmed very well and Kokna has imbibed this role. The film would have looked equally strong without the scene of the relationship between Aditi and her husband in this story. But being forced by habit is also righteousness.

The fourth and shortest film, Anakhi, is directed by Kayoze Irani. You have seen him acting in Student of the Year. The film has two strong actors, Shefali Shah and Manav Kaul. The mutual harmony between the two is very good. Some scenes are poignant. In this story, physical relations are established between Shefali and Man in one afternoon, in the soft story there are piercing scenes like a thorn. The story would have been equally beautiful without it. The third angle of the story is actor Parrot Roy Choudhury, who is a well-known Bengali actor. You may have also seen him in the role of a doctor in “The Girl on the Train”. There are well-known actors, because the character was small, there was not much scope to do anything. The last scene that Manav Kaul has acted makes the rest of the characters of the four films nervous. Most importantly, Manav does not have any dialogue in the entire film and was not required in the last scene.

The film’s opening credits have been made by Kerala-based company Kokachi Studios. Such opening credits are rarely seen in Hindi films. They have been made very fabulous. The editor of the film is Nitin Baid, who has edited films like Raazi, Gully Boy and Masaan before this. Nitin’s experience, the understanding of the story is tremendous. That’s why the stories have become a bit longer. The editing of the story of Shefali and Manav is the most beautiful. Cinematographer Pushkar Singh of Majnu story is very good in camera work. The importance of camera placement for storytelling is clearly visible in this story. The cinematography of the toy has been done by Jishnu Bhattacharjee, Siddharth Dewan of wet pucci and Siddharth Vasani of Anakahi. Like any Dharma production film, the sets in the film are absolutely authentic and compelling.

Where did this movie drop off? There are two three main points. One is the unnecessary sex scenes that look like broken glass in the windows of beautiful stories, like a pebble in a suddenly embittered mother’s lentil. Some stories could have been shorter, especially wet pudding and toys. The story in which Thrill was expected (Majnu) ended up being very romantic, but the revenge angle shown before him was absolutely cold. In “Untold”, the place of sex can show the friendship of a Neglected Wife and a Talented Photographer, where even the body has conquered the soul. Missed right there. The anthology or collection is worth watching. Most people will get bored because the story is strong and is not a free drama, but just a free sex angle is inserted.

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