FILM REVIEW ‘The Tomorrow War’: Films with baseless scripts are made in Hollywood too

Take out all the movies made on aliens i.e. creatures from other planets from the library. For example Aliens, Independence Day or Aliens against Predator. Add to this a little bit of movies named ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Tremors’. Top with ‘War of the Worlds’, ‘I’m Legend’ or ‘Age of Tomorrow’ to taste. Do not stir, leave the dal pot all together. After a while, serve the film as it is cooked – ‘The Tomorrow War’ is here.

In American films, the hero of the film always sets out to save the world from ending. He is alone. There was no partner. Sometimes unexpected help comes, but in front of him the enemy is alien, so he is shown as omnipotent. It seems that all the troubles of the world fall on America, be it enemy countries or enemy homes, people from old civilization or aliens, all are born to destroy America. For this reason any of their common citizens has to rise up and retaliate and take up arms. The new movie ‘The Tomorrow War’, released on Amazon Prime, is not a new money novelty. A script has been made by mixing many films together.

In the last few days, there have been many such apps in Hollywood and now in India too, where script writers get stories, research related to the story, what spices can be added to the script, they get information. Script writing software also has the facility of script analysis. In these software, it is known that which character has got how many scenes, how many dialogues have been received. How many scenes will be shot inside for shooting, how many will be outside. Is the script getting heavy due to any character, has the hero got fewer scenes? By getting such information, the script writer gets a weapon to make changes in the script. Now the fear is that such software should not be made that the genre of the film is decided, the original story of two to four lines should be written and then the software will make the rest of the script. At least that’s how it seems in The Tomorrow War.

It is the story of a fight with a typical alien. If it is learned that aliens will destroy the earth in the future, then some brave fighters of the present time are sent to fight the war of the future. After participating in the battle for some time and seeing his companions die, the hero returns to the present with the formula to kill the aliens and then with the help of this formula he kills these aliens in the present and the future all-destructive war. stops it from happening. What should Zack Dean say to writing such a script? This script is zero in the name of innovation. There is not a single scene that will be remembered by seeing this film. Be it the magical aliens from Steven Speberg’s ET – The Extra Terrestrial or the dreaded aliens from Independence Day, there was something new for the audience every time. Aliens were so disgusting as soon as they appeared in Aliens, a film made on aliens that they hated them. Laughing at the sight of aliens from The Tomorrow War.

The main actor of the film is Chris Pratt, who has been very active in television and films for many years but he did not become world famous until he got the role of Star-Lord in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Chris is a good actor especially for action films like this. He remained on the screen the whole time, he has an innocence on his face which girls like very much. Chris Pratt has a lot of fans in India too. The strange thing is that for the promotion of the film, Chris had to do an interview with Varun Dhawan in which Chris was also dancing while doing the steps of the song “Chalti Hai Kya 9 to 12”.

There was no special scope for emotional performance in this script. In the film, Chris meets his daughter Murrie (Yvonne Strahovsky) in the future. We have seen Yvonne in many films and web series over the years. He has the biggest role after Chris in this film and despite this, he had nothing special to do in this role. Action could also be done only a little and at one place there was scope for emotional dialogue with father. A lot of hard work has gone into the graphics of the aliens. Initially, he is taught to shoot bullets in the throat and stomach to kill, but in the climax of the film, the hero injures the alien with his hands, punches, axes and even the alien’s nails. Only know the logic of the director.

If you are fond of watching Alien War movies, then you will not like this film very much, but it will not look bad either. This is a good time pass type film, where America is in danger this time because of aliens.


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