FILM REVIEW: The ‘collar bomb’ gets tight around the neck

For the success of the film, it is necessary that the audience connects with one of the main characters of that film. Sometimes the atrocities on the hero, sometimes the strange character of the villain, sometimes the beauty of the heroine or sometimes the entire journey of a character in the film. At the same time, sometimes such a film comes, in which no emotional relationship can be attached to any character. Despite all the efforts, the story seems so superficial that you cannot establish any identity with the film. ‘Collar Bomb’ (Disney + Hotstar) is such a film that you start getting away from every character while watching it.

Like Akshaye Khanna, Jimmy Shergill is an artist who should get more work in Hindi films, but unfortunately he is less visible and his characters do not match his talent. Director Gyanesh Jotting’s film ‘Collar Bomb’, who came to films from the world of television, has also joined this episode. Police officer Manoj Hessey (Jimmy Shergill) is honored with a ceremony to solve an important case, and for this reason Manoj takes his son to get admitted in that prestigious school. A suicide bomber enters the hall. Taking everyone hostage, he gives tasks to Manoj, which must be completed so that his collar bomb does not explode and all the hostages are safe. Manoj does one task after another which involves taking someone’s life and saves the bomb from detonating. Behind this is the famous case of Manoj Hessey, for which he is praised. Collar bomb is a kind of blackmail, because in that case someone accidentally bleeds at the hands of Manoj. The whole story is about the revenge of this blood.

Writer Nikhil Nair and director Gyanesh have tried their best to make this story a thriller, with a little suspense, a little chess, a little blood, some commando action, but where they made a terrible mistake is their story of Muslim terrorist. In the small town of Sanawar, a Marathi teacher named Rita meets a Muslim terrorist who can masquerade as a suicide bomber and take over the school, kill people and strangely read out diary texts on the phone. There was zero need to add angle to a Muslim terrorist in this story. There is no justification as to why this character is Shoaib Ali (Sparsh Srivastava). Why did Sparsh do this film after doing a good job in Jamtara, it is not understood.

If the writing is weak and the director is heavy on the writing, then the director adds many scenes to the script to show his talent. How many twists and how many plots can be put in the same story? Will you be able to do justice to every plot? Will the audience understand your mind? Both the director and the writer have to think about all these things. What’s the point of writing and making a film just for your own pleasure, for your own mind? Both the suspense and the thriller have become weak in this film because the motivation behind the character is written very weakly. Another hallmark of weak writing is a long monologue in the film’s climax.

The students in the school are hostage and their parents are thrown out of the school by blackening their faces, the reason is not understood. A terrorist has captured the entire school, then the reason for how the IRF ie Rapid Force comes in a small case to counter it within an hour is not understood. Outside the school, a local MLA is seen doing leadership without talking, why? He burns the restaurant where Shoaib works, even then the mob wants to kill the Muslim owner of that restaurant, why? Why was there a need for a commando operation for just one terrorist? That too a team of 10 commands and a very senior officer, Commander Bhaskar Chandra, who does not know why he keeps throwing instructions like an international war zone, keeps on eating heat and keeps on destroying his importance. The commandos in the school are unable to even enter inside and because of this a student has to lose his life. Rita, who works as Aya in school, goes to a Marathi song and all the children become silent and sit behind their Aaya, how does this happen? There are many such weaknesses which have taken away the thrill of this thriller.

Jimmy is good. Best work done by Asha Negi. On television, she is seen in very crap roles, here her character is also strong and she has caught all three of the language, accent and delivery. There were a lot of expectations from a talented actress like Rajshree Deshpande, but disappointed. The rest of the actors are ordinary. The dialogues of Nisarg Mehta are well written in any scene. The music is by Anshuman Mukherjee which is a bit hoarse. The music in the film has not helped. It is a big deal that the film got an OTT release. If such films were released in the hall, it would have been rejected by the audience on the very first day. Better work is expected from new directors. This film has disappointed.

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