FILM REVIEW: ‘Superman of Malegaon’ has a cousin ‘Cinema captive’

In 2012, a documentary by Faiza Ahmed Khan came – ‘Superman of Malegaon’. Yes, Malegaon with the same blast where Muslims live on one bank of the Mausam river and Hindus live on the other, but their love is the same – cinema. In Faiza’s documentary, the people of Malegaon have created a life like politics in the cinema, and it is carrying forward the local talent, including producers, directors, actors, editors, cameraman etc., when this documentary first When you saw it once, it was realized that all kinds of changes are possible in the world, no change in the love of Indians towards cinema is possible. Film: Cinema Detainee Language: Telugu Duration: 98 minutesOTT: Netflix Recently a very sweet, pleasing and seductive Telugu film has been released on Netflix- ‘Cinema Bandi’. It seems so and director Praveen Kandregula also says that ‘Superman of Malegaon’ is one of the main inspiration sources of his film. At first glance, there is nothing to impress in this film. If excluding producers Raj and DK, neither a big star is working in this film, nor does anyone know its director, nor does the writer have any hold in the film industry nor any such name is associated with this film Due to which the film can be promoted. The thing that makes it special in this film, what makes it different and forces us to see it is – honesty. Just like we expect from the half-and-half, innocent and naive people of the village. This is the spirit with which we are now untouched. Fearing the speed of urban glare and development, sitting on the ridge of our fields, spending time and honesty. Simplicity is no longer seen in stories. The film’s stories have many layers. The simplicity of directors like Premchand’s stories like Swachhta, Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Sai Paranjpe are less visible now. A little bit is seen in the TV series “Panchayat” or “Yeh Meri Family” made by TVF. The story of the clean, clean and losing people. Cinema captive is one such story. Is an artist not even a scene like this? It is that you cannot see yourself in that scene. Every event can happen to you. Every thing, every artist, every moment that comes on the screen can be printed in the book of your life. This story can be yours and this victory The writer is Vasant Marinaganti and Krishna Pratush. It seems like a character who probably lives near your house. One scene seems to be happening in front of you. You don’t get mad at the love of a character, Or don’t shed tears because every emotion of his is in you somewhere. Veera is an auto driver. She is naturally poor and has a struggle for money. She has a wife, a child and a seth from whom she bought an auto. Gone. Someday, a ride forgets a video camera in his auto and begins the flight of Veera’s dreams. Veera, who watches movies of artists like Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan, thinks that if If you make a low budget film, then you can change your world by earning from it. Veera has no idea to make a film nor to release it, but the dream of changing her life … is huge. A photographer considers a friend to shoot a film. Something like a script is written on the story of an old man of the village, the best looking boy in the whole village is chosen as the hero. The hero is actually a barber. The heroine is a school going girl who runs away with her boyfriend in the middle of the shoot and hangs up the film. Veera has to get a new heroine, who sells vegetables and drives the tongue. The shooting of the film goes through many obstacles, but one day the camera breaks and the one who repairs it, informs the real owner of the camera. Even after all the fights, the owner takes his broken camera. The film work stops, Veera’s dream breaks. This is followed by the climax, which is enjoyable like every film. Maintains its suspense. Numerous social customs have been included in the story in a symbolic way, and the Kurtis have also been mocked at some places. The hero of the film keeps his name as Maardesh Babu on the lines of Mahesh Babu. Most villagers come to defecate where the shooting is taking place. While watching the shooting, the villagers start taking pictures of the hero on the mobile and he too stops acting and starts posing. During the filming, the heroine walks into the school uniform and there is no costume. In such a situation, Veera’s wife and he go into an auto and exchange clothes. Veera’s wife blushed in the school uniform, it was one of the best in the film’s Nermonazuke Moments. During the shoot, the other heroine starts confronting the goons and washing the goons on her own, then Veera tells her that her job is to run away and shout, washing the goons is the hero’s job. A small child “Basha” takes care of the continuity of the film on its own and becomes an assistant to the director. In one place, the camera battery runs out, so in order to charge it, Veera closes his wife’s TV and charges the battery, and the forced sacrifice comes to the fore, while Veera’s wife keeps her hidden money in Veera’s pocket. I would keep it in her, when she comes to know that her husband has run out of money. Many such small things are part of the story of the film and make it beautiful. The heroes of the film are Vikas Vashisht (Veera), his cinematographer friend Sandeep Varanasi (Ganapathi), Hero Rag Mayur (Maridesh Babu) and Heroine Uma Yaji (Manga). Apart from this, there are more actors in small roles which are as important as the main cast in the film. None of this seems to have acted. Everyone seems comfortable. Music, editing and cinematography is perfect. Not a single thing looks strange. In this film, work is given importance rather than name and hence this film with unknown faces is bigger than many big star films. Famous actress Samantha Akineki has praised the film and congratulated producers Raj and DK for this bold move. The producers of the film Raj and DK themselves are film makers, they had suddenly decided a few years ago that they would also produce films. She has produced the well-known web series of Amazon Prime “The Family Man” and with it the successful horror film “Stree”. Raj and DK were meeting many emerging writers and film directors in the film market of NFDC. Praveen and his writer friend were also included in these. After a lot of effort, Raj listened to his story and after thinking that after making a short film of 5-6 minutes on it, show it will be further. Praveen did not shoot for 5 minutes but instead shot a 40-minute long film. Both Raj and DK were so impressed that they decided to produce this film but the condition was the same – there will not be a single known name in this film, all will be unknown actors so that the original feeling of the film can be preserved. If such producers are there then the film can be made better and not better. By the way, many films have been made in the first place where the origin of the story is “film making”, like the Marathi film Harishchandrachi factory, but the scenes behind the scenes in cinema are laughable, behind the scenes there is no other film yet. Have come Cinema becomes captive. It is for every person who loves cinema. There is also a message at the end of the film – everyone is going to make a film by heart. Let us love the movies and the film makers once more.

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