FILM REVIEW ‘Karnan’: We still don’t have more reliable actors than Dhanush

It is strange to hear the name Venkatesh Prabhu Kasturi Raja, it seems that a pandit from South India is eager to debate. On hearing this name, it never seems that it is the real name of a film artist who appears to be the most reliable in any of his roles. It seems that he has written this role after seeing him and his personality. Or say that this artist was first studied, what he can do, it was seen and then the film was written, but this applies to every character he plays in each of his films. These are Tamil superstar Dhanush. Film: Karnan Language: Tamil Duration: 159 minutesOTT: Amazon Prime Video In Hindi films, Hero Gora Chitta, Lamba, Badhi, bodybuilder and the entire 16 arts are well versed. Dhanush makes this point. The color of the bow is not fair. He is also not a bodybuilder. 5 feet is 5-6 inches in length. The face is simple. Rather, many times it looks so simple that no one can see it at other times. But there is no work of Dhanush’s physique, Dhanush’s acting is such a physique that the audience feels. Dhanush’s acting is the voice of Asha Bhosle that can be felt physically. Watching the movie “Karnan” released on Amazon Prime Video recently, one realizes how this person fits into any role. Karnan is a dreaded film attacking the caste system prevalent in South India. The upper caste people have made a bus stop for their village where the bus stops. Karnan (Dhanush) is a young man living in a nearby village who wants to study and write for a job in the police or army. His village is a village of backward castes, so the bus does not stop there and the bus stop is not even allowed to be built. In addition, they are subjected to casteist insults. Neither the police nor the administrative system take any cognizance of their suffering. In such a situation, Dhanush takes the initiative to end the fear of his entire village and revolts. The police and administration enter the village to suppress them and brutally kill the villagers. Karnan, who goes to join his job, returns midway and then fights with the policemen, taking up arms to protect his village. At the end of the film, Dhanush is happy to return from prison and see the people of his village live a better life. The story of the film is written by director Mari Selvaraj. His first film Parriyum Perumal was also based on the caste system and he not only rocked the box office but was also featured in many national and international award functions. Mari spent many days of her life in Puliangulam village of Thottukodi. The village was backward. Jati and Varna were upset with the system, but everyone was fond of films here. The craze for Mari’s films started here. Mari, who came out of the house to study law, quietly fled to Chennai to become a hero. After struggling for 12 years, he made his first film in 2018 and Karnan is his second film. The film stars Puliangulam village, and the shooting takes place in Thottukodi. Films are written on the table of writing and editing, and Karnan is a living example of this, but it is impossible to imagine this film without Dhanush. A young man who is spending time in the village, finds ways to stay busy in the village with his grandfather, sometimes gambles, sometimes hangs around with his girlfriends… from there until the boiling fireball explodes inside the bow Fall, the journey till then can be seen in Dhanush’s face and eyes in this film. To show this, the director has used a donkey which is tied with a rope in the front two legs to prevent it from running. Perhaps no other actor could play this character. Dhanush has a softness in his face and in the scenes of violence, he appears violent. A true artist is always the best. Those who are fans of Dhanush should see it, but those who are not yet convinced of Dhanush’s talent should also see his work in Karnan. He has done a similar film before – Asuran. In order to show the influence of caste system, many small stories have been kept in the story of the film. The names of the characters are – Karnan i.e. Karna, Draupadi, Duryodhanam and the name of the child is Abhimanyu. In the police station, the villagers are kept standing all day and the boys of the village go in a tractor to rescue them. In this scene, the arrival of a butterfly and flapping are wonderful signs. The absence of a bus stop in the whole story acts like a big motif. At the beginning of the film, a girl falls and dies on the way and the entire traffic moves around. The girl dies because of not having a bus stop. By showing the motif of the same girl’s soul, she has also done a different experiment in storytelling. No character could be used to portray the people suffering from caste system. Writer and director Mari has also paid a symbolic tribute to Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar in his second film. There is a statue at the mouth of the village which does not have a head, it is also touching mention in the story. The police team getting printed in the village does not get a chair, it is an argument against the system. You can feel the pain of that village while watching the scene of a young woman picking up an old woman and taking him for defecation. The film has female characters in strong roles. Rajisha Kapila, the heroine of the film, is an emerging name in Malayalam films. To play the role of a village girl, Rajisha changed her entire personality and her innocence is an integral part of the film. Laxmipriya Chandramouli plays Dhanush’s sister, who has played cricket on behalf of India, and has been working in out-of-the-box Tamil films for the last few years. When the men of the village do not support Karnan, then the women of the village stand in front of him as a shield. Apart from this, Karnan has a famous comedian Yogi Babu whose character is serious. In the film, the negative role is that of Police SP Kannapiran as Anurag Kashyap’s favorite cinematographer Nati i.e. Natraj Subramaniam. In a small role, Natty, who is successful in creating hatred for the character, sometimes acts and plays very strong characters. He has played this role in a very good way. Cinematographer Theni Ishwar is extremely talented. There is also a base pillar camera work in Karnan. Maintains balance between art and commercial shots. Editing Selva is RK who has done a good job. The music department is owned by Santosh Narayan, who is a good friend of director Mari. For Dhanush, he has previously given music in three hit films. The pleasant thing is that the music of the film seems to be part of the film itself. There is no need of language crutches. The song Manjanathi Puranam is very emotional and at the end of it, the dance done by Dhanush, drunk, gives an unprecedented height to the film. If you love movies and stories, Karnan is a great film. Dhanush’s acting will continue to be a shadow of mind till the end of the film.

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