FILM REVIEW: If you have seen the film ‘Pink’, then there will be nothing special in ‘Vakil Saab’

Movie: Lawyer Saab
Language: Telugu
Duration: 156 minutes
OTT: Amazon Prime Video

Starring Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu of the century and directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, ‘Pink’ has been watched by almost everyone. Everyone liked this film and it also got many awards. It was natural that a film would have been made on this story in other languages ​​as well. “Narkonda Paarvai” made in Tamil and now “Vakil Saab” in Telugu. In Pink, Amitabh Bachchan played the character of an elderly lawyer and his voice, impassioned eyes and his grasp of legal tricks not only added weight to the film, but the core of the entire film could be explained through Amitabh. The case of Telugu film ‘Vakil Saab’ gets a little defeated here.

Superstar Pawan Kalyan is in the role of ‘Vakil Saab’. In personal life, Pawan is very active on social and political issues and he does not hesitate to put the government in the dock regarding the problems of the people. Filmstar Chiranjeevi’s youngest brother Pawan Kalyan has his own political party and apart from his fans, many people also follow him for his political ideology. The beauty of Pawan is that he always tries to be the voice of the common man and keeps fighting for them. He entered politics with his brother Chiranjeevi, but when Chiranjeevi merged his party with the Congress, Pawan took a few days away from politics. He launched his own party and worked a lot on the issue of Telangana with the Bharatiya Janata Party. Due to mutual differences, he also distanced himself from the BJP and contested the elections with the parties of the Left Front where his party got a crushing defeat. Now he is again preparing for the 2024 elections together with the BJP.

The masala of Telugu films is present in Vakil Saab and especially the image of Power Star Pawan Kalyan has been taken care of. There is also a love story of Shruti Haasan in the role of Pawan and his girlfriend. Pawan, a student leader who raised the voice of the public and later became a lawyer, always fights for the people and his opponents kill his wife Shruti for this reason. Pawan forgets his responsibility by resorting to alcohol. Luckily, he comes to live in a colony where three girls living in a house are coerced by the son of a Member of Parliament and his friends. In all this, a girl hits a bottle of liquor, on the head of the MP’s son and begins a series of tales tossing the market full of respect for the police and girls. Lawyer Pawan somehow agrees to take up this case and then after many ups and downs, he wins the case and brings justice to the girls.

Since Pawan has an image of his own, he is accompanied by a heroine and some romantic songs, due to which the film gets lengthy. The specialty of Pink was that the mood of the film is set very quickly and Amitabh’s intense character maintains that mood till the end, even when he wins the case. This is not the case with Vakil Saab. There are different moods throughout the film. Student leader Pawan, Pawan doing college politics, Pawan arrested in love of Shruti Hassan, Pawan suddenly deciding to become a lawyer, Pawan washing goons, Drunk Pawan, Pawan who beats goons for not getting alcohol, suddenly one day everything Pawan, who again advocated after leaving, despite being a lawyer, Pawan, who uprooted the chair during the cross-examination, and Pawan, who argued in the court like road raiders. Overall, the film is centered on Pawan and almost everything is told through Pawan. In the meantime, Pawan also keeps hitting philosophical dialogues. This is the strength of this film and also the weakness of this film. The entire film is on Pawan Kalyan’s shoulders as is his every film. In this film, the characters of the girls, the coercion and the injustice done to them by the police are kept in a very superficial manner. Not even once in the entire film does a feeling of pity or sympathy for any victim arise. The film makes a mistake here.

The specialty of Pink was the importance of each character. Strong character of Taapsee Pannu. Amitabh’s character of an old lawyer who is calm, restrained and tempers anger. But it was pink. There was significance to the story. The name of the lawyer Saab is enough to tell that the story is at number two in the film, because Pawan Kalyan is at the forefront. Nivedita Thomas is a talented actress. She grabs everyone’s attention with her powerful and mature acting. Prakash Raj and Mukesh Rishi’s character is very less in the film and they could have been used better. Rest of the actors are fine in their respective roles. The time has been spent in the backstories of the characters in this film, due to which it cannot be seen as a courtroom drama. Before the climax, the way Pawan Kalyan protects the girls in the metro from the goons, the audience of the Hindi film will find it strange.

Writer-director Venu Sriram has made a film that truly appeals to the Telugu audience based on the story of Pink. The dialogues are also on the same lines and have all the spices to capitalize on Pawan Kalyan’s larger than life image. The audience must have had a lot of fun. Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, Shoojit Sircar and Ritesh Shah worked hard on each and every scene and dialogue of the effort put into writing ‘Pink’, Venu didn’t hesitate to Teluguize it. Taking any kind of risk is not good either.

For the first time, S Thaman has got a chance to work as a composer in a Pawan Kalyan film and he has made this opportunity perfectly. There are 4 songs in the film. The songs had made a splash on YouTube even before the release of the film. The songs in the film are well woven into the story and add to the hero image of Pawan Kalyan. Cinematography and editing are fine, no wonders.

Pawan Kalyan weighs heavily on the story of the film. After deviating from the original story, as soon as the cross-examination starts in the court, there too Pawan turns his Rolex watch or uproots the handle of the chair. Star has dominated the story and hence did not create an impact like Pink. You should enjoy this film by looking like a masala film. And you can watch “Pink” again to understand the gravity of the subject and how the director does justice to the story. Lawyer Saab was never going to become Pink and could never be.


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