FILM REVIEW ‘#Home’: A father can’t even speak…

The situation in the world does not seem to be getting better so soon. For some time, not only the body but the mind have also been broken due to the pandemic. In such a situation, the mutual relations of the family have also been affected very deeply. On one hand, relationships have weakened due to spending more time together, on the other hand, new life has come in some relationships. Keeping in mind the delicate views of the relationships which have now become new again, one should see such a film in which the depth of family relationships is explained and that too in a very simple way, that film should be seen. Watching Malayalam movie “#Home” released on Amazon Prime Video means watching your aging parents grapple with technology, watching your grandfather get lost in nostalgia and adopting various ways to maintain a good image in today’s era . #Home is the most beautiful.

Cinema is a medium to tell a story. How human and how elegant the story can be, it depends on the writer and the director. The dramatization of humanity has become too much in Hindi films. Writers have started writing such stories in which nothing happens except cheers for the main character. In such a situation, regional cinema i.e. regional cinema remains the source of water in the desert and the biggest source of all this is from Malayalam cinema itself. ‘#Home’ is a Malayalam film written and directed by Rosin Thomas. This is his third film and his previous two films have won many awards. #Home is guaranteed to get national level awards, and can win international awards if marketed properly.

The story of this film is about the relationship between father and son. Dementia patient Appachan (Kainkari Dhanakaraj) and his son Oliver Twist (Indrans) and Oliver’s two sons Anthony (Shrinath Bhasi) and Charles (Naslain) have a long journey to see their relationship deteriorating and rebuilding. Minutes) But there is not a single moment where you can take a cup of tea away from the screen.

While writing the characters for the film, Rozin has probably squeezed many anecdotes from his life. One is to write down an incident as it happened and one is to present the feelings behind an event in detail. Rosen’s writing is amazing. There are some wonderful examples that have been used to create the characters. Dada Appachan used to type Malayalam translations of English novels, so he liked his characters, so name the sons Oliver Twist and Peter Pan and the daughter’s name Mary Poppins. Throughout the film, he keeps speaking English dialogues and walks into the house with a walker. The veil of mystery finally rises that the dialogues were from the novel Oliver Twist, which he loved and named his son Oliver Twist. This is a new way to see the love of father and son.

Oliver Twist is a very straightforward and simple person. He wants that he too has a smart phone. He could talk to his elder son on a video call. Can use apps like Facebook, WhatsApp (which he calls WhatsApp), Instagram. Can make payment online. Their gullibility is such that even a touch screen phone of Rs 4000 seems expensive and demands a discount of Rs 2000 from the shopkeeper. Oliver tries to get closer to his sons and the sons rebuke him because their father doesn’t seem cool to them. Indrans, who plays Oliver, is known for his comedy roles in Malayalam films but in this film he has dazzled everyone’s eyes in the role of an old, helpless and belonging-craving father. This character will make him immortal.

Oliver’s eldest son Anthony is a film director. He is very much influenced by his future father-in-law. He always does something for them, takes advice from them in everything. His autobiography is released on father-in-law’s 50th birthday. Anthony rebukes his father that his autobiography might not even be half a page long. Everyone gathers on the day of the book’s release and Anthony’s father-in-law tells his mother to say two words. His mother tells the story of the picture on the cover of the book and a much bigger mystery is uncovered. Oliver Twist, who lives an unknown and unimportant life, undergoes such a change that he forgets all the sorrows of his life and becomes happy from inside.

Oliver’s younger son Charles seems to be the perfect representative of today’s generation. He makes his old mother living on the ground floor climb the stairs so that she can turn off the fan in her room. When he sees the father washing the eldest son’s car, he also gives his scooty to him to wash it secretly. He also makes YouTube videos daily by telling the vegetable garden set up by his father on the roof of the house as his own. In front of the guests, he behaves a little more frivolously than his mother and then scoffs.

The film is produced by Malayalam actor Vijay Babu, who couldn’t resist the temptation to appear on screen, and plays psychologist Dr Franklin in a small but very funny role in the film. Anoop Menon has done a good job with him in the role of superstar Vishal. The hero of the film is Srinath Bhasi who plays the role of Anthony but the film moves on Indran’s strong shoulders. Manju Pillai has been brought to life in the role of Kuttiamma, wife of Oliver Twist. Deepa Thomas has also done a good job in the role of Anthony’s girlfriend Priya. The role of Charles is played by Naslen, who was also recently seen in the film “Kuruthi”.
Rosin Thomas works with his team. Music director Rahul Subramanian or cinematographer Neil Dakunha or editor Prijesh Prakash. Due to good tuning among themselves, the work gets done well. Rahul has given new heights to the heart of the scenes by creating a European feel in the background of the film. The songs are also good but have not become more popular due to their release on OTT.

#Home is a great presentation. Like many features of any smart phone. With every app you get something new. With every app comes a new feature. Every scene in #home also gives birth to a new feeling. Feelings buried in some corner of the mind towards their parents come to the fore again. You must not have seen beautiful cinema like #Home for many days. Break the barriers of language.

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