FILM REVIEW: Did ‘The Big Bull’ Run at the Box Office of Emotions?

film: The big bull
Director: Kuki Gulati
Duration: 154 minutes
OTT: Disney + HotstarEver since Kuki Gulati’s film ‘The Big Bull’ The information has reached the people, since then the audience has been comparing him to “Scam 1992” and has become a victim of it Abhishek Bachchan. People beyond 40 know about Harshad Mehta and those who have crossed 50 have earned money from his adventures. Unfortunately, Harshad’s scam was Ashtabhujadhari and if Harshad’s press conference was to be believed then the then Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao was also involved in it. Padmashree journalist Sucheta Dalal and her husband Debashish Basu together wrote a book on some of India’s financial scams, which formed the basis of Harshad Mehta’s “Scam 1992” and Kuki Gulati’s “The Big Bull”.

Time will not change the history and neither will the view of the audience towards Harshad. There are some important things to keep in mind for those comparing in Scam 1992 and The Big Bull. Even if the subject is the same, films go on like many versions of Devdas film have been made and almost all of them have become hits. Similarly, the story of Scam 1992 and The Big Big Bull is the same – the life of Harshad Mehta. Despite this, the comparison of the two is wrong and the reason for this is the hidden differences between the two. In the scam, Harshad was almost made a “god”, people started worshiping him as it happens with every person who mocked the system. Slightly different from this, The Big Bull focuses on personal ambition, and reduces Harshad’s glory.

In Scam 1992, most viewers saw Prateik Gandhi on screen for the first time, especially outside Gujarat. Theatrical symbolist is a superstar of Gujarati cinema but Hindi audiences are unaware of his talent. His being a Gujarati suited Harshad Mehta’s character. In the coming time, Prateek will be able to do justice to any other character, will he be able to play a non-Gujarati character, it remains to be seen. Prateek’s innings in Hindi Entertainment has just started. On the contrary, the stock exchange of expectations from Abhishek Bachchan has been opened. This is like bad luck from the beginning of his career. Abhishek is talented, has done many roles, his innings in Hindi films is very long and has played the Gujarati character of Dhiru Bhai Ambani in Guru, so he is expected to be pure Gujarati in Big Bull. One small thing and, scam director Hansal Mehta inherits the Gujarati environment and culture, Kuki Gulati has a Punjabi atmosphere.

One thing that the comparators are missing is the duration of this content. Scam 1992 was a web series. Spread over 10 episodes of 50-55 minutes. Comparing the total content of 522 minutes to a 154-minute film is akin to insulting the script. The web series had plenty of time to show Harshad’s background, his struggles, relationships with his family, his initial successes and failures, his ups and downs in the stock market, his relationships with other brokers, etc. This time was a little over a quarter in The Big Bull. The comparison is wrong.

Abhishek Bachchan’s acting is intact. He did not do any experiment. You have seen such expressions in earlier films. Her scenes with Nikita Dutta are very good, and Abhishek has given her life. Abhishek’s arrival adds weight to the character and he keeps the entire film interesting in its own way. The screenplay and dialogue were a bit weak to take Abhishek’s character. Nikita Dutta had a small role, it was good. Ileana D’Cruz’s character is also small, there was no special impact. They should have been given more screen time. The character of Soham Shah and rival stockbroker Saurabh Shukla as Abhishek’s younger brother comes right in the film, and the impact of both is clearly visible.

The music of this film was the weakest side. You Tuber Carrie Minati’s song “Yalgar” was taken in this film and presented in a new set, which does not give any direction to the pace of the story. The rest of the songs are in the film, and work to fill in the blanks, it is not expected to be popular. Dramatic moments in the film are very less, possibly the director could not solve the conflict between the realism and the drama. The scene of Abhishek Bachchan driving at high speed on the streets of Mumbai was very good. Ritesh Shah, who has written dialogues for films like Kahaani, D-Day, Pink and Batla House, has also saved the film from redundancy by writing accurate dialogues.

The film is worth watching at least once if the scam is not a 1992 hangover, and you like Abhishek. English films such as “The Big Short” or the Oscar-winning documentary “Inside Job” can be seen above the financial scam.

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