FILM REVIEW ‘Cheess Five’: Only a well written story should become a good film, not necessarily

Sometimes in life you have to take chances, regardless of the consequences. Those who say such things are often the ones who run away from hard work. Those who take shortcuts in the desire to earn money or name are not happy with their success for a long time. The habit of always winning, beats you in the end and once you start losing, your downfall is certain. Similar is the philosophy of the Telugu film “Pachis” on Amazon Prime.

name of the movie- Twenty Five (Amazon Prime Video)

release date- June 12, 2021

director- Sri Krishna and Ram Saicast- Ramz, Sweta Verma, Jai Chandra, Ravi Varma and others

music- smaran sai

Genre- Crime, Thriller, Action

Rating- 2.5 /5

Duration- 2 hours 7 minutes

producer- Awas Chitram, Rasta Films

Two political enemies named Basava Raju and Gangadharan have gangs to run their black businesses. Basava Raju enters one of his men as an informer in Gangadharan’s gang and when Gangadharan comes to know, he gets that informer killed at the hands of his man Jayant. On the other hand, Abhiram is a jugaad type of youth who has borrowed about Rs 17 lakh from the owner of the casino, RK. As soon as it is his turn to return the money, he reaches out to Jayant and wants to tell that the police informer is still in his gang and Abhiram would need money to tell who the informer is. On the other hand, Avanti, the sister of the man who had killed Jayant, meets Abhiram in a quest to find her brother and then starts from here the game of mouse cat, which is the main story of this film.

Ramz and Sweta Verma are in the lead roles. Both have played their roles well. Sweta Verma has acted a little better as she has experience and her character is also that of a sister who has nothing to lose, her brother is missing and she comes to know that her brother is working with criminal elements. Had been. This is Ramz’s first film and he played the role of a young man who believes in jugaad, wants to earn more money by doing less work. His father also extorts money from people by making schemes and is shown jailed. Ravi Varma is in the role of RK who has been working in Telugu films for many years. He has acted very well in this film. Rest of the actors are also fine in their place.

The story of the film is very good. Director Sri Krishna has written the story of the film and hence despite having many characters, the story does not deviate from the objective. However, while watching the film, it feels like a lot of characters are coming and many characters are seen in only one or two scenes. This thing comes out in the film. This problem always comes in going from writing to direction because the writer feels great pain in cutting his scenes. Despite all this, the pace of the story keeps people hooked. There is no boredom in the film, just the length seems a bit high. There was neither room nor space for songs in the film. There is only one song Judham which is written on the habit of gambling, has good beats and hence sounds good. In a film like this, songs are a hindrance anyway. The music is by Smaran Sai.

Karthik Parmar is the cinematographer of this film and he has done a great job in framing and lighting in his very first film. This is also the first film of the film’s editor Rana Pratap and he has worked as per the director’s instructions. Because of this the film got lengthy and some characters were extras who came in the film. This story of total greed keeps trying to go through the corridors of gambling and reach the destination of politics. This movie can be seen once. The fans of Anurag Kashyap’s films will probably like this film.


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