Film Review: ‘AWAKE’ will be less liked by science fiction enthusiasts

Seeing films like ‘Robot’ or ‘Ra-One’, we cannot imagine how beautiful and mind-blowing films have been made in science fiction. There are so many complex stories built around the immense possibilities of science in foreign films that while watching the film, you realize that there is no end to the imagination of the writer and the creator. Awake, the latest release on Netflix, brings to the fore a unique approach to science and presents them in an almost thriller fashion with human sensibilities.

There are many mysteries in life, and sometimes we do not understand the reason for their existence. After doing a little research, it is understood that science has already stepped into the world of these mysteries and sometimes it has also solved these mysteries. What we call religion is also a kind of science. The origin of our customs is hidden in science. The problem is such that the link which connects religion and science has been lost somewhere and now no one is working in that direction. The reason for our superstition is our inability to understand the science behind religion.

Awake tells the story of a girl who is the only girl who can sleep in her town. The rest of the city in which his mother, his brother, his grandmother and everyone else are unable to sleep due to some unknown disease. Due to sleep deprivation, his brain is increasing in size and the doctors in the city say that because of this everyone will have a terrible headache, and one day the nerves of the brain will burst and everyone will be killed. Due to this disease, all the patients who are in coma in the hospital have also come out of coma. The priest of the church says that if this girl is sacrificed, then everyone can be saved. The girl’s mother and her brother run away with her and try to save her life. The whole city is lying behind his life. While avoiding many difficulties and attacks on life, first the brother and then his mother dies. But suddenly the next day the brother comes alive. The girl and her brother talk and realize that they can both sleep now and only because they are dead once. He also revives his mother by drowning him in water.

The story is a bit strange but from the point of view of science not a single thing happens in this film which is not possible. Due to sleep deprivation, the condition of the brain is deteriorating. Because of this, visual disturbances, memory hallucinations, anger, anger and violent behavior are common. The person becomes dreadful and his head starts hurting. Sometimes the nerves of the brain swell and can even burst. At the same time, some people can sleep comfortably without any effort and without medicines. There have also been many tales of death and resurrection, in which both the body and the mind stop working for a certain period, but after some time due to electric shock or sometimes on its own, blood starts running again in the body. . People drowning in water also sometimes start breathing after the water is removed from the lungs. Awake has made the basis of these events.

The story of the film is written by the famous writer Gregory Pryor. Apart from this film, Gregory’s other films are National Treasure – Book of Secrets, Expendables 4 and Spy Next Door. The screenplay of this story has been written jointly by director Mark Raso and his brother Joseph Raso. Joseph has a great deal of experience writing zombie-based films, Zombies 1/2/3, and has therefore been able to bring a little thriller element to the science fiction. What has gone wrong in the whole process is that many twists have been inserted in the film, the plot has become lengthy and the way the events are shown, the audience gets bored. There is also a big shortcoming in the story that no one knows the exact cause of the disease.

Ariana Greenblatt has done a wonderful job in the role of the girl child. Due to the script, his character becomes a bit quirky and hence the audience cannot identify with him. Gina Rodriguez has also done a great job in the role of the girl’s mother. The film basically focuses on the characters of these two. Rest of the characters are also good and their acting is also fine. There was nothing special to do in the role of the rest of the people of the city, pastors and doctors etc. These characters have not even been developed properly and here the film is defeated. In these, one or two characters could have been given a better role.

Antonio Pinto has composed good music. The suspense is maintained with the help of violin and piano according to the mood of each scene. Antonio had previously given strong music of this mood in the TV series called The Devil Next Door. The cinematography of the film is in the hands of veteran Alan Poon. Alan Poon recently took over the cinematography of some scenes for another Netflix film, Skater Girl. Allen has shot most of the documentaries and because of this his proficiency in long shots is clearly visible. The editor is Michael Conroy and he has missed his purpose a bit, so some unnecessary scenes have also been kept in the film, due to which the audience gets bored.

The film will be a bit weak for the viewers of science fiction, yet the film can be seen for a new type of story. If a little patience is kept, then the pace of the film is understood and then the interest in watching wakes up. Although this film is considered very weak by film critics, yet there are many such things in the film that force you to think and pay attention.


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