Film City in UP is a good thing, but when will the actors of the state including Lucknow be repaired ?: Sandeep Yadav

Film City in UP is a good thing, but when will the actors of the state including Lucknow be repaired ?: Sandeep Yadav

Lucknow. Yogi Government is looking at a rapid effort to produce Film City in UP. CM Yogi himself is leading this whole exercise. CM Yagi’s visit to Mumbai is in the news about Film City. A round of rhetoric has started between the Shiv Sena of Maharashtra and the UP government in the case.
But the other aspect of the picture is that many artists of the state, including Lucknow, do not know much about the Film City in UP. There are many discussions about Film City, but no artist or any government official has met him as an actor. They are unable to understand that when no one knows their pain, then how will this film city benefit them?Sandeep Yaadav, a well-known Lucknow-based actor, who has starred in web series like Batla House Movie and Aashram, has written posts on Facebook. He has written, “There is a lot of discussion about Film City in UP that these facilities will be given those facilities but who will be given?

Do they already have crores of rupees and all the facilities? Why is no one responsible for the Film City production scheme ever talked to the state’s artists, technicians, casting directors, lines producers? Why is there no meeting with them that they have to face while shooting in Lucknow / UP? ”

Sandeep Yadav says that why is it never asked that what rights, facilities do we want in Uttar Pradesh artists? Are there any guidelines regarding fees, facilities, rights of local artists? If so please My artist friend, Seniors, please tell me if any officer ever asked him for any suggestion or called a meeting? Or I am just ignorant of these.

What will UP artists benefit?: Sandeep Yadav

On this Facebook post, we spoke to Sandeep Yadav, he said that there has been no such thing in my cognizance, in which it has come to know that what facilities can be given to the artists of Uttar Pradesh in the film city that is being produced Have you been Will we have any rights? Is there any plan of the government regarding our honorarium, fees etc.?

What would the artists think about honorarium or fees?

Sandeep says that movie makers who come to make films, already have a fund of crores of rupees. They come to UP, take the best location, shoot. After this, subsidies of crores are given to them by the government. What is the benefit of Lucknow or Pradesh artists in this?

Sandeep says that I have had 20 years of experience working in theater and films. Similarly, a guideline will be made for artists with 40 years of experience, or artists with 5 years of experience, that this level artist has a minimum fee, you will not get it in less than this. It will be decided that what car is given to take us from home to shooting?

Sandeep says that our situation is same in Mumbai and Lucknow. Here we have to worry for money. Will anyone consider our facilities, our treatment? If the government talks about saving heritage then we should get these facilities.

No contact with any officer, department or CM office

He says that it is not yet in my knowledge that any talk has been made to any artist on behalf of any officer, department or chief minister’s office. It was not even asked what problems you have to face when shooting in Lucknow or UP.

Sandeep says that I talked to all my senior artists of Lucknow, no one has been contacted. So our situation is the same in Mumbai that we are able to work from our level by grinding slippers. Government of Uttar Pradesh should distribute crores but what is the use of this?

Sandeep says that a similar exercise took place in the previous government. They also did not talk to the artists, they are not doing this either. When you can talk to Mumbai, then why don’t anyone talk to us?

He said that if the artist from Lucknow will go to Noida and shoot, then what facility will be given to him. How will he get there? Where will you stay there? Do we have any idea about this?

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