Feels like Ishq Review: The way of love is old but the author is amazing ‘Feels like Ishq’

Netflix has no answer in Anthology Stories. Be it ‘Lust Stories’ with Karan Johar or ‘Ray’ based on Satyajit Ray’s stories, Netflix has brought together short stories to bring together short stories that are reminiscent of television serials like ‘Ek Kahani’ or ‘Kathasagar’ or ‘Saturday Suspense’ Where the core of the story was the same but the stories were different. Recently Netflix has released a new anthology about new directors – Feels Like Ishq. It is clear from the name that there will be love stories in it. There will be romance and there will be some drama too because without it the film cannot be made. The happy thing is that these love stories are happy, a little ignorant of sorrow and the heart likes it because they are a bit similar to some part of life.

Feels Like Ishq has 6 different stories that go on handling the love of the people of the city with gentle hands. Not all stories are good, but the ones that are good are as good as going to a foreign restaurant and ordering an unknown dish and it turns out good. The methods of romance have not changed for centuries, but romance or love now cooks in a different pot.

Ruchir Arun is the director of the first story ‘Save the Date’. Having experience in TV, Ruchir, who hails from Kolkata, earned a Diploma in Direction and Screenwriting from FTII. Wrote a few serials and movies, made some ad films, directed a few TV series that featured a light-hearted yet sentimental tale of mutual struggle between members of a modern family – what the fox. Ruchir brought that same flavor to the Netflix anthology. But the story lacks a bit of credibility. This story has been written after being influenced by which story of life, it is not understood because the concept of destination wedding is still very new. The film has been saved by Radhika Madan and Amol Parashar’s great chemistry and some very good dialogues. Manisha Thiagarajan has written this film and her ability to understand human emotions stands out from the rest. Even if there is little faith in the film, you will get to see such a good screenplay less.

The next story is directed by Tahira Kashyap Khurana, a breast cancer survivor and author. Tahira is a resident of Chandigarh and she has also settled the story in a small growing city of Punjab. Tahira herself writes very well, and her books have also been liked but this time she chose Ghazal Dhaliwal’s story ‘Quarantine Ishq’. Ghazal has previously written films like Qarib Qarib Single, Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga, Wazir and the infamous “Lipstick Under My Burkha”. In the film, Kajal Chugh plays the role of an NRI girl who comes to her body and gets stuck in her house due to the lockdown. If there is no one else in the house, then the aunt who lives in front is introduced to eat and her teenage son Mihir Ahuja starts talking to Aunty’s phone. This part time crush story flows seamlessly like a river and the metaphor of bringing food from home has been used for the feelings of love, which looks very sweet. Both the actors have done an amazing job. The idea of ​​watching a horror film from the projector while sitting on the terrace of your house is amazing romance. The songs are also there and very good – sung by Ayushmann Khurrana. A fusion of Punjabi and English songs has been made in one song (Kinni Soni) which sounds very melodious. The song Main Tera Ho Gaya seems to be quite Ayushmann’s mood and suits a lot in the film. Now one should expect a big film from Tahira.

The third story is written by Saurabh George Swamy and directed by Anand Tiwari. Saurabh has written Indonesian television series and has experience of writing more than 1500 episodes. The name of the story is Star Host. Nowadays many people make their bungalows in the mountains or in tourist places which are like holiday homes for them. These bungalows are available for homestay or rented out the rest of the time. The entire business model of the well-known American company Air BNB has been built on this point. One such bungalow owner’s son (Rohit Saraf) rents out his father’s bungalow after his parents move out and to fulfill his desire to see the Northern Lights. Their first guest is a couple but for some reason only the girl (Simran Jehani) is able to come out of the couple because that couple gets into a fight. The story ahead is not of reconciling broken hearts, but of a budding romance between two people of different moods. Due to the beautiful location shooting of Mahabaleshwar, a huge part of nature remains a character in the story. Whether you want to eat food in a small cafe or see the glow of fireflies, this romance is a little different. Anand Tiwari is a talented actor, producer and a brand new type of director who works hard on the characters. Rohit Saraf has done a great job in the film and Simran should again turn to the big screen.

The fourth story is ‘She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not’. This story written by Sulagna Chatterjee can be considered as the weakest story of this anthology. Not because it is based on a lesbian relationship, but because none of the characters have been created in the way that they would be seen in real life. Sanjita Bhattacharya and Saba Azad work in the same company and they fall in love later on, the total story is like this. The rest of the film is over trying to drive the story. One has to think about where such characters are seen even in metros. Both the actresses tried their best but the storytelling of director Danish Aslam could not make an impact. Danish had made a film with Deepika Padukone and Imran Khan named ‘Break Ke Baad’ which did not work. As many strange situations were mentioned there, as many strange situations were seen here as well.

The best story is written by ‘Interview’ that too by Aarti Rawal. Two people wandering from place to place in a big city looking for a job, their mutual conversation, without malice and competition. If you want to see that human sensibilities have not died, then this film should be seen in this era of cut-throat competition. Zayn Mari Khan goes to an electronics store for an interview in search of a job. He has a lot of experience in giving many interviews, he is well versed in the performance of the city of Mumbai and he has a very delicate heart. Seeing someone else in trouble, she seems to accept the silent prayer that she might get a job and also narrates the story of getting another job in front of her person. In an interview, he meets Neeraj Madhav, who is new to Mumbai, incompetent for his family and his Hindi is also a bit strange. Before the interview, Zayn gives her interview tips. If Neeraj is Malayali, he says – in my village I am Mohanlal but here Hindi is weak”. There could not have been a sweeter moment between the two, but the author has added many more beautiful moments in this story. Watch this movie and story carefully, because you can miss a lot. Director Sachin Kundalkar had previously made Aiyya with Rani Mukherjee, but he got fame only after making a Marathi film with human stories. People have seen Neeraj Madhav in the character of Musa in the first season of The Family Man. You will fall in love with Neeraj in the interview.

The last film is Jaideep Sarkar’s Ishq Mastana. He has written this film with Subrata Chatterjee. Two or three things have been shown very well in this film from which lessons can be taken. A self-centered Kabir (Skanda Thakur) who has a breakup and his way of overcoming the setback is to have a relationship with another girl. The meaning of this practice named rebound is ‘meaningless relationship’ or that is to say, debauchery, the girl left me, now I will also leave a girl after being beaten, equal to the calculation. This practice is a story of gratification of the delicate ego of men. This thing also comes out of Kabir’s mouth at one place, although the girl feels bad but she also understands this. This point of young boys and girls of today’s era has been shown very well. The girl joins a protest but she is also afraid of the police. The boy also gets caught in the affair of the girl, the police arrests their entire gang and takes them away from the city and leaves them. In the exercise of returning, the boy and the girl understand each other better, and the poet of poets, the reformer Kabir Sahib sings the song ‘Haman Hai Ishq Mastana, Haman Ko Hoshiyari Kya’, hands and hearts prepare to find the meaning of love in life. are found.

Interview is the only film in this entire anthology that talks about the middle class, all the rest of the films are made in an elite setting. This does not make any difference in the story, but it is a golden opportunity to peep into the life of that class. The plots are not superficial and are kept away from depression. There are good movies. Look, you’ll like it. You will also get the sweet afternoon delight of romance in your mind.

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