Fearing a hyena, the cheetah escaped leaving the victim, this strange incident was imprisoned in VIDEO!

Leopard left his victim due to fear of hysteria

Wildlife: In the forest, when a starving cheetah (Deopard) attacks Deer and tries to make him his prey, but fails, because in the meantime there is a Hyena entry which causes the cheetah. He runs away scared.

There are many such incidents in Wildlife, which is difficult to believe. Sometimes a leopard hunts crocodile, sometimes a buffalo-like creature kills a lion (Buffalo Killed Lion). The video of one such incident is going viral on social sites. In the video surfaced on social media, the cheetah, who is said to be a daredevil, abandons his prey and runs away when his eyes fall on the hyena.

It can be seen clearly in the video, when a Leopard wants to make Deer his mole, then there is an entry of Hyena. After this, due to the fear of the lion, he leaves his prey and runs away. In the video, a powerful cheetah weakens in front of a hyena and leaves the field and goes back. After this, the deer hunt begins to fester.

Hybrids contribute to the cleanliness of the forest

We all know about lions and leopards, but Hyena is also a dangerous animal. Alakdabaghe is also known as Murda Khor because it also makes dead animals its food. Hysterics also eat dead animals due to disease, while other animals make fresh meat as their diet. In the forest, animals such as tigers and lions eat part of their prey and leave some of them there, which later start rotting. Hypocrites also make such stinky meat their food. In this way, they also contribute to the cleanliness of the forest.

Hysteroid medicines are made from feces
Scientists make medicines from the stool of hyena. It is said that hyena licks the bones of dead animals and for this reason its stool turns white like chalk which is used in many medicines. In Eastern India, the fat of hyena is used for the inflammation of the body parts and to make the rasoulis sit. In Africa, its fat is used on organs affected by skin diseases. At present, there are three types of hyena striped, spotted brown hyena and insect-hyped hyena.


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