Fear of big earthquake in Uttarakhand, scientists warn

Fear of big earthquake in Uttarakhand, scientists warn

Fear of earthquake in Uttarakhand.

Scientists say that seismic activities have been recorded in Uttarakhand’s Dharchula region (Dharchula) due to geological stress.

new Delhi. There is a danger of a major earthquake in Uttarakhand. Because of this danger, scientists have issued a warning. According to the scientists of the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, there is a huge activity in the lower part of the earth about 45 km from the new Kailash Mansarovar road connecting Dharchula in Uttarakhand to the Lipulekh on the China border. Scientists have revealed large amounts of micro and medium intensity earthquakes in the Dharchula region and areas around the Kumaon Himalayan region. Along with this, geological stress and geological structure have also been discovered in the area.According to the report of the Indian Express, scientists say that seismic activities have been recorded in the region due to geological stress. In such a situation, it is feared that there is a possibility of high-intensity earthquakes in this area in the future. Scientist Devjit Hazarika, who led the team of scientists doing this research, has given more information. He said, ‘Apart from the Kangra earthquake in 1905 and the Bihar-Nepal earthquake in 1934, the region has not experienced earthquakes of more than 8 magnitudes in the last 500 years. Hence this area is known as the Central Seismic Interval (CSG) zone or Gap.

Hazarika says, ‘Gap is a term used to denote an area with little tectonic activity. Although Kumaon Central Himalaya belongs to this CSG region. It is one of the most seismically active areas of the Himalayan belt, which has seen quite moderate and intense earthquakes in recent times.

Scientists of the institute together with the Ministry of Earth Sciences have established a seismic network of 15 broadband seismic stations along the Kali river valley to investigate the causes of these frequent earthquakes in the Kumaon Himalayan region.

Hazarika said, ‘Dharchula area falls between two knee-like structures, which increases the tension in this area. This is the reason that earthquake tremors are being felt here for years. Many small earthquakes have occurred here and fugitive tensions are increasing. Of course, it is impossible to predict the scale or exact time of the earthquake. We believe that this fugitive stress can come out at any time.

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