Father’s Day Special: Do not tell your father even in joke, these things which we often say, he

Father’s Day Special : Today is Father’s Day and there are many people who will give various gifts to their father on this day. But let us tell you that if there is any most precious gift for a father from his children, then it is his love and care for himself. Many times it is seen that children do not behave well with their elderly father and say anything to them without thinking. Many people say some things jokingly and some people speak them after getting serious. But we should never speak some things in front of the father. No matter how angry you are with your father, but avoid speaking such things which hurt the father. In such a situation, on the occasion of Father’s Day, we should tie this knot that along with giving gifts to our father, we should also improve our behavior with him. Without it, even the most expensive gift given to the father is useless. Let us know which are such things that a child should never speak to his father.

1. Your brain is too old

Human thoughts or thoughts never get old. That’s why never stop speaking any thoughts by linking them with age. Such things are neither of logic nor of a civilized society. In such a situation, try to understand your father’s words and if you do not like it, then at least do not hurt him by speaking hard words.

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2. What have you done for me?

Many times we attribute our failure and frustration to our parents, which is very easy. But we do not take into account how much responsibility and sacrifice a child’s education, upbringing etc. is done by the father. Even after all this, if you have the courage to tell such a standing lie to the father, then the problem is yours.

3. You will not understand the matter of our times

Many times when the father wants to ask a problem after seeing our confusion, then it does not take long for people to say that Papa will not understand the matter of our times. If you once share your things with your father, then it may be that his experience will be useful to you.

4. Just eat, sleep and lie down

It is easy to blame the retired father but sometimes people forget that he too has spent his days of struggle. In such a situation, now that they are old, do not remind them again and again that they have become inactive. You can tell them that you rest now, we are there to work hard.

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5.It suits all young people

Never make fun of their likes or dislikes. If your father likes t-shirts, shirts or other things of your choice, then do not stop wearing them because perhaps he may not have been able to wear these things even after wanting them during the time of his struggle. In such a situation, encourage them and not demoralize them. Don’t be judgmental. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned expert.)


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