Father of two children fell in love with 2-2 girlfriends, wife is getting married to ‘sautons’, now all three will live together

Usually, any wife will get angry on hearing the news of husband’s affair, but a unique case has come up in Cologne, Germany. Here a woman’s husband fell in love with not one but two girls. When the woman got the news of this love, instead of creating any ruckus, she got her husband married to both the girls and all live happily in the same house.

Not only you, whoever is hearing this matter, he cannot believe it. Even the person getting married says that the people around him are jealous about how he is handling such a relationship beautifully. It is right, where is the fate of 35-year-old Marco Santo Silva?

wife herself gave permission for marriage
Marco Santo Silva was married to 35-year-old Daniela Silva in the year 2012. Both also have two children. Meanwhile, her husband Marco Santo Silva fell in love with two girls (Jessica, Kamila). Now he says that with the will of his wife, he is preparing to marry both the girls. According to the report of Mirror, in the year 2019 after 7 years of marriage, he met two girls named Jessica and Kamila. After having a good relationship between them, he introduced his two girlfriends to his wife.

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no one has problems with anyone
According to Marco, everyone has mixed with each other. With wife and children, Marco wants to pursue the relationship with both his girlfriends. Marco says that he is also preparing his house for marriage. They are also afraid that their children should not be harassed in school for this. However, he says that he is giving an open environment to his family and has taught the children enough confidence that such things do not affect them.

Will marry 2 more girlfriends with the permission of the wife. (Photo Credit- mediadrumworld.com/@jekama2021)

Gossip is happening among people
Whatever Marco himself, his wife and girlfriends may think, but their relationship is popular in the whole area. Everyone gossips on this, which Marco is calling people’s jealousy. He says that this relationship is not different at all. We want to show people how beautifully we are doing it without any problems.


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