Fans help to avoid post-wedding prejudices: Rani Mukherjee

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Mumbai. Actress Rani Mukerji is extremely grateful to her fans because even after getting married and becoming a mother, the audience not only remembered her, but also helped to avoid the prejudice that a married actress is thought to have slowed down goes. Says Rani, I might not even be able to stand without my fans. This is especially because the prejudices that an actress has to go through after getting married and becoming a mother can be quite difficult at times. I have always been with my audience and that is why I am doing a good job even today.

Talking about acting, in the coming times, Rani Bunty and Babli 2 and Mrs. Chatterjee Verses are going to be seen in Norway. (IANS)

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Web Title-Rani Mukerji: Fans helped me survive prejudices a married actress with baby faces


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