Experts told 5 secrets to get rid of the memories of Ex-Lover, you will get relief from the pain of breakup!

Breakup has become a very common thing in today’s era, but the pain of breakup has remained the same in every round. Sometimes the mutual estrangement between the couple increases so much that they have to separate. It is easy to separate but then it is very difficult to get rid of the memories of ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that haunts people after a breakup (How to get over ex-partner). A relationship psychologist has solved this problem.

Gabby Goodier, a clinical psychologist living in Perth, Australia, has given 5 ways to get over the growing breakup and the mental instability that follows a breakup (5 screts to The pain of fight breakup can be got rid of. Gabby is the founder of Sage Society, a website that helps people fight mental problems. Here are 5 secrets told by Gabby-

1. Spend more time with your family and friends after breakup.
2. Get out of the house every day to take sunshine.
3. Spend less time on social media and remove your ex from all your social media accounts.
4. Minimize the consumption of alcohol.
5. Maintain your neurological balance. Get eight hours of sleep every day, exercise and focus on eating healthy food.

Gabby Goodyear is a Clinical Psychologist. (Photo

The feeling after a breakup is like abruptly quitting drugs
Gabby told that when a drug addict suddenly quits his drug addiction, then he feels the same way people feel after the breakup. Talking to Daily Mail, she said- “The breakup feels so painful because many neurons in your brain start working strangely. This is because when you are in love, hormones like Oxytocin and Dopamine are released in high amounts which make you feel in love, but when there is a breakup, the stress hormone cortisol ( Cortisol) seems to be released more. For this reason, it becomes necessary to meet people close to you after a breakup because by being with them, positive hormones start releasing inside you again.

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