Exercise for Chest: Do these 5 exercises to make the chest strong and attractive

Tips to Get Strong and Attractive Chest: If you want to make your chest strong and attractive, then today we tell you about some such exercises which will help you to get strong and attractive chest.

New Delhi. Nowadays people have become very conscious about their fitness. Often people sweat in the gym for hours and do different types of workouts to keep themselves fit. Apart from this, they also follow many types of diets. There are different exercises for the strength of each part of the body. Men have a desire to have a strong and attractive chest along with a good body. If you also wish to make your chest strong and attractive, then today we tell you about some such exercises which will help you to get strong chest. Exercising is a good thing but right exercise and right guidance helps you to get quick and better results. For this, along with daily workouts, you will also have to pay attention to your diet and lifestyle.

bench press

Bench press strengthens the chest muscles. To do this exercise, first of all, lie down on your back on a bench and now hold the barbell with both your hands. Raise and lower it 15 to 20 times. This will put pressure on your chest, which will make your chest look strong and attractive. The bench press is one of the best exercises for your chest.

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dumbbell chest press

Those who do not want to use the barbell for exercise, such people can easily practice the dumbbell chest press. For this, lie down on your back on a bench and take a dumbbell in both hands and then bring it down. Practice this exercise for at least 8 to 10 minutes.


Push ups are the most commonly done exercise to get a strong and attractive chest. It can be easily done anywhere and anytime. To do this, lie down on your stomach and with the help of both your hands, lift the whole body up and down. By practicing this exercise, your chest muscles will become strong.

Decline Pushups

This exercise helps you strengthen your upper chest and muscles especially. To do this exercise, you have to take the support of a high place. After this, come to the normal push-up position and keep the feet on that high place, keep the feet slightly above the level of your body and then start doing this push-ups. This will have a very positive effect on your chest.

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This is one of the most effective chest exercises. You have to do the cross over exercise through the machine. This makes the chest toned and wide. To do this, first set the machine on the top position. Now put handles on both its parts so that you can do the crossover exercise. Now with handles in both hands, stand in the middle of the machine and pull the body forward.


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