Exercise for Asthmatic: – If you have asthma, take these precautions before exercising.

Exercise for Asthmatic: – People suffering from asthma have to take some precautions while exercising. So that suddenly Shortness of breath In spite of this, they did not have to face any kind of problem.

Exercise is very beneficial for health. But while exercising people suffering from asthma, there are some things Special attention Needs to be kept. Because Asthma There is a problem in which Sudden breathlessness It seems to happen. In such a situation, the person suffering from taking the medicine through the inhaler immediately gets relief in a short time.

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Workout to avoid pollution-

You suffer from asthma, and exercise. So keep in mind that one thing Dust, mud, smoke etc Pollution Stay out of the place. Because coming in contact with them, there is trouble in breathing. Therefore exercise in a clean environment only.

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Exercise according to capacity

People suffering from asthma should not do exercises that have adverse effects on their body. them No cardio Than they should Strength training can do. With this, before doing any exercise, Medical advice Must be taken. At the same time, they should exercise according to their ability.

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Warm-up before a workout

People with asthma before workouts Warm-up Must do. Because by doing this they Workout There will be no problem of any kind during.

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Always carry an inhaler-

By the way, people suffering from asthma need it Inhaler Have to take. But if you keep it together while exercising, then it will be better. Because if you suddenly have trouble breathing Medicine Upon taking Quick relief Will get it.

Stopping Exercise –

People with asthma should not exercise continuously at the same time. Rather, it should be done intermittently in many parts. them Heavy exercise Than normal and Easy exercise should do. So that there is not too much fatigue, at the same time they do not get into any trouble.

Always have a partner-

By taking medicines like asthma Instant control Problem occurring. But people suffering from asthma should take a partner along while exercising. So that his help can be taken when needed. At the same time, people suffering from asthma should also keep in mind that the exercises they are doing. Before doing them Expert advice must take.


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