Euro 2020: The girl started crying after seeing Germany’s defeat, now people have added 29 lakh rupees

New Delhi. Many of his fans were disappointed by Germany’s defeat in the European Football Championship Euro Cup (Euro 2020). England defeated Germany 2-0 in the Euro Round of 16 match and broke its dream. Seeing the defeat of her favorite team Germany, a little girl (German Girl Crying) started crying. Soon his picture also became viral on social media and some people even started trying to raise funds for him. Now this effort has paid off and 29 lakh rupees have been added for that girl.

The four semi-final teams for Euro-2020 have been revealed. Italy and Spain will meet on 7 July in the semi-finals, while Denmark and England will face a day later on 8 July. The picture of a German girl sitting at Wembley Stadium during the round of 16 match against England went viral. However, this victory for England was going to end the drought of 25 years. After the victory against Germany, the football fans of England jumped with joy.

Meanwhile, the camera’s focus was on a German girl, who looked very disappointed with the defeat of her favorite team Germany. She also had a German flag on her cheek. In the picture, the girl was seen crying bitterly. Some English fans even started making fun of this child and he was also trolled. Not only this, he was even called a Nazi.

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A person named Jole Hughes took the initiative to raise funds for this girl. His aim was to show that not every English fan is the same. Stall Collinmore and Gary Lineker also started a fundraiser. A report has claimed that 29 lakh rupees have been raised so far through the fundraiser started for this girl. Some people supported this and some got angry. Some said that such help should be given to those children who do not have food and clothes. Some even said that anyone who contributed to the fund for the German girl should not follow them on social media.


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