EU health commissioner warns of seasonal influenza | EU Health Commissioner warns of expansion of Kovid-19 and seasonal influenza – Bhaskar

Digital Desk, Brussels. European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides warned on Friday that the spread of the virus causing COVID-19 and seasonal influenza could potentially lead to a twindemic as winter approaches. According to the report of Xinhua news agency, KyriaKids said in a statement that we need to prepare in advance, so that our health system is not overburdened.

The commissioner said that every year 40,000 people in the European Union (EU) lose their lives to influenza-related causes even without a pandemic. We call on the public to get vaccinated against seasonal influenza. He warned that with the COVID-19 restrictions, the EU had a very mild flu season last year. Let’s make sure we don’t have a resurgence this year, as all countries around the world are slowly reopening.

According to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), nearly three-quarters of the adult population in the European Union has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. ECDC figures show that 90 percent of adults in Portugal and Ireland have been fully vaccinated, with only 34.8 percent of adults in Romania and 23.7 percent of adults in Bulgaria receiving the required dose.



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