Elon Musk’s successful landing of SpaceX, but rockets converted into shoals with explosions

SpaceX’s flagship SN10 exploded horribly within 10 minutes of its landing on Earth.


American billionaire Elon Musk Company Space Exploration Technologies Corporation got a big success on Wednesday, when their unmanned largest rocket SpaceX Successfully made a landing but as soon as it hit the surface, the rocket turned into shoals of fire. This caused a shock to Elon Musk’s Mission Mars. Musk has cherished the dream of establishing a city on Mars.

SpaceX’s flagship SN10 went up to a height of about 6 miles in the air for the first time but within 10 minutes of landing on Earth, it exploded horribly. Because of this, the rocket was set ablaze on the launchpad itself. This was the third starship rocket of its kind launched by SpaceX. Earlier also two test flights had been victims of accidents.

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When SpaceX made the landing, one of its commentators said during a live broadcast of the test flight, “a pretty soft landing” but only a few minutes after that the rocket exploded. It again waved the fire in the air and then fell back to the ground.

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SpaceX founder Elon Musk is developing the next generation of starship rockets aimed at going to Mars – although two prototype rockets failed in their most recent test runs. The cause of the explosion in the SN10 rocket is not yet known. Sources claim that the rocket’s landing leg was not connected to the base, causing the rocket to roll.


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