Eating more ketchup can cause heart, kidney and obesity problems, know how

Side Effects Of Ketchup: Mouth water starts coming out as soon as tomato ketchup comes out. Most people have a habit of eating tomato ketchup with everything. The habit of eating ketchup is not only in children but in people of all ages. Be it Brakes, Pakoras, Maggi, Pizza or Burgers, Pasta, they have a habit of eating ketchup with everyone. But you should know that by eating anything in excess, health has to bear the brunt of it. By eating too much of ketchup, health will have to bear the brunt of it. Too much ketchup is injurious to health. ht According to the news, there is neither protein nor fiber in ketchup. Instead, there are more substances harmful to health. Sugar, salt, various spices and fructose corn syrup are used in ketchup, which is very harmful for health. It has many side effects-

Catchup side effects

Nutrient deficiencies: Not much nutrients are found in tomatoes. It also does not contain protein and fiber. Therefore, excess ketchup is injurious to health.
Heart disease: Tomatoes are high in fructose, which forms a chemical called triglycerides. This chemical creates problems for the heart.
Obesity Since ketchup contains more fructose, it increases obesity and also reduces the amount of insulin.

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Acidity: Catchup is of acidic nature. Therefore, it causes problems of acidity and heartburn. It also spoils the digestive system.

Joint pain: Any kind of processed and pre-prepared food has the potential to cause inflammation which can increase joint pain.

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Kidney problem: Eating more ketchup increases the amount of calcium in the urine. This can cause kidney stone problems.

Allergies: The amount of histamines chemical is high in ketchup. Histamines can cause allergic problems in many people. Therefore, it can cause allergic reactions such as sneezing and breathing problems.

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