Eating linseed laddus will strengthen bones, also benefit for patients with arthritis

Eating linseed laddus will strengthen bones, also benefit for patients with arthritis

Linseed is very beneficial for the body. If you make linseed laddus and eat them, then your bones will become strong and if you are going through the problem of arthritis, then consuming linseed will also benefit in this disease. According to experts, linseed has many such qualities. Which is beneficial for your health.

Will strengthen bones

Flaxseed contains omega fatty acids 3 and 6. Which is very helpful in strengthening the bones of a person. Simultaneously flaxseed contains calcium, potassium, fiber, iron, magnesium, and antioxidants. Which is quite beneficial for strengthening bones.

Benefits for patients with Arthritis

Linseed is considered to be quite beneficial for patients with arthritis. Due to wrong eating, 25 to 30 years old youth are also suffering from Arthritis and there are many types of it. Therefore, to overcome the problem of linseed arthritis, it is also considered to be a very effective solution. According to the information, Arthritis can also be overcome through yoga and can be overcome with Arthritis by including linseed laddus in your diet. For this, you have to eat a laddu in the morning. This will strengthen the bones and will not cause any infection. Flaxseed laddoos are warm. But eating it does not cause any problem and patients with arthritis can eat it in all seasons.

Prepare linseed laddus in this way

Put roasted flaxseed and gum in the grinder and grind it well. After this, add some flour in ghee and cook it. When the flour starts leaving the ghee, add flaxseed and gum to it and mix it well. Then add jaggery to it, and let it cook well. When the mixture mixes well, add almonds and walnuts. Cardamom powder can also be added to it. After this mixture cools down, make laddus by applying water in your hands and consume them daily. You will definitely get health benefits from it. But if you have more problems. So see a doctor as well.


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